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Women Empowering Women: Pensacola has a NEW GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS HOLDER

Women supporting and empowering other women is a powerful force that fosters a sense of solidarity and equality.


This mutual support can manifest in various aspects of life, from the workplace to personal relationships.

In professional settings, women often mentor and uplift their female colleagues, helping them navigate challenges and break through glass ceilings. This collaborative spirit creates a more inclusive environment where achievements are celebrated collectively.

Beyond the professional realm, women also play crucial roles in nurturing each other’s personal growth and well-being. Whether through friendships, mentorship, or community initiatives, women demonstrate resilience and strength when united, creating a network of empowerment that transcends individual success to benefit the entire community. This interconnected support system not only propels individual women forward but also contributes to the broader advancement of gender equality.

In friendships among women, there exists a unique and powerful dynamic of mutual empowerment.

Women often uplift and inspire each other through shared experiences, understanding, and encouragement. These friendships serve as safe spaces where women can express themselves authentically, share their aspirations, and receive unwavering support.

Whether navigating career challenges, personal struggles, or celebrating successes, female friends often provide a foundation of empathy and encouragement. They offer constructive advice, bolster each other’s confidence, and foster a sense of belonging that is integral to personal growth.

In these relationships, women empower one another to embrace their strengths, confront their vulnerabilities, and strive for their goals, creating a bond that transcends competition and fosters a nurturing environment for individual and collective empowerment.

Not only have I observed the empowering relationships among women as previously described, but I have also been fortunate enough to witness firsthand accounts of such camaraderie, particularly in the remarkable achievement of Pamela Bolado, the newly crowned Guinness Book of World Records holder!

A formidable coalition of women from Pensacola, whom I am grateful to know, rallied together in unwavering support of Pamela. The incredible team comprised of Zulma Berenice, Delayna Blankenship, Kate Treick, Sabrina Simpson, and Kate Bryan, embodied the true essence of women’s empowerment.

Their united front was palpable, radiating empowerment that extended beyond the walls of Planet Fitness on Mobile Highway, where Pamela Bolado undertook her groundbreaking feat.

On January 11, 2024, Pamela fearlessly embarked on ‘Mission Climb For A Cause,’ not merely as a personal accomplishment but as a powerful initiative to effect change and raise awareness on Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

The shared determination and support among these women exemplify the potency of female solidarity in driving meaningful transformations and championing causes that resonate with broader societal issues. Their collaborative efforts stand as a testament to the impactful ways in which women can come together to make a difference, both individually and collectively.

Not only did Pamela shatter the world record, surpassing more than 17 Vertical Kilometers/10.6 miles, finishing at 18 Kilometers/11.24 miles, and conquering nearly 90,000 stairs, but she did so with a purpose—raising awareness on human trafficking awareness day. This achievement not only symbolized physical strength but also exemplified the incredible impact women can have when they come together to support each other in making a positive change.

“I’m blown away and proud of myself,” Pamela stated. “I was able to show all women that we are truly capable of anything we set out to conquer. A determined mindset can turn our moments of weakness into resilience.”

A heartfelt congratulations to Pamela Bolado for this remarkable feat and to the women who stood by her side, showcasing the true essence of women’s empowerment!

Pamela Bolado and the Mission Wonder Women Foundation believes in the power of transformation, resilience, and the power of providing love and guidance. Their mission is to empower survivors of sex trafficking through education, leadership and entrepreneurship, enabling them to reclaim their lives and redefine their futures.

Mission Wonder Women Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, providing a pathway to healing and self-sufficiency.

Their mission: Amplifying Voices, Exposing Injustice.

Their purpose: to give voice to the victims and survivors of familiar trafficking.

Their aim: to create a powerful and thought-provoking docuseries that delve into the complexities of this issue.

Through Mission Wonder Women Foundation, they strive to expose the hidden truths, generate empathy, and inspire society to take a stand against familial trafficking.

Visit https://app.ribbon.giving/links/kMPXb7 to donate today!

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