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We love local advertising at The Pulse. Unlike others, we don’t view
advertising as a burden or a necessary evil. Why? Because we’re local! We
shop, dine, and work with local businesses every day.

People want to hear about local businesses — and we want to help those businesses tell their stories and connect with their customers. Our goal is to create advertising so remarkable and engaging that our audience would be disappointed if it went away.

That’s where sponsored content comes in.

Beyond Banner Ads

Imagine a story, hand-crafted with beautiful photos/or video, about your business, that’s published on a high-traffic site and shared with thousands of targeted consumers via social media. That’s sponsored content. Use sponsored posts to share your story in a fresh, engaging, visual way, or to promote special event milestone, or achievement.

Beautiful, Integrated, Engaging Campaigns

We want your sponsored content to look as great as everything else on our site. You can bring us content you already have, or we’ll supply a photographer and copyeditor. We’ll work with you to shape your message and make sure it has the maximum impact.

Big Local Reach

Hundreds of thousands of readers visit The Pulse each month. And with targeted social media promotion built into each campaign, you’ll be able to amplify your message even further. During 2016, The Pulse’s content has previously reached more than 8.3 million people on social media during past news cycles.

We ignite crucial regional conversations about what matters most, from art and culture to business and politics. Our audience is passionate, involved, influential and devoted to their communities.

If this is the kind of audience you are trying to reach, then advertising or sponsoring content on The Pulse makes good business sense.

Download The Pulse 2022 Ad Rates Media Kit to know more.

Please contact us if you’re interested in advertising on The Pulse.

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