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Advertising on the Local Pulse ~ the heartbeat of our city.

People want to hear about your small business and services — and we want to help you tell your story and connect with potential buyers.

Our goal is to create advertising that solves problem and relieves anxiety for our readers – so much so that they move through the journey to purchase much quicker.

That’s where sponsored content comes in.

Beyond Banner Ads

Imagine your compelling story with beautiful photos of you and your business, that’s published on a high-traffic site and shared with thousands of targeted consumers and on our social media. That’s sponsored content. Use sponsored posts to share your story in a fresh, engaging, visual way, or to promote special event milestone, or achievement.

Beautiful, Integrated, Engaging Campaigns

We want your sponsored content to look as great as everything else on our site. You can bring us content you already have, or we’ll supply a photographer and copyeditor. We’ll work with you to shape your message and make sure it has the maximum impact.

Big Local Reach

Thousands of readers visit LOCAL PULSE each month. And with targeted social media promotion built into each campaign, you’ll be able to amplify your message even further. During 2016, The Pulse’s content has previously reached more than 8.3 million people on social media during past news cycles.

As we re-launch the Local Pulse in 2023 after being dormant for years, and hyper focus on small business storytelling and a hub of entertainment options, we are working hard to fill the site with relevant and interesting content that you and others want to read and share.

Please email us at lisa@localpulse.com for advertising rates and opportunities.

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