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Top Places in Pensacola for Mocktails

In honor of National Mocktail Week kicking off on January 14th, we had to give a quick guide for non-alcohol drinking friends.


For those of us who aren’t privy to the mocktail meaning, this is a nonalcoholic beverage, typically hand-crafted, and tastes delicious.

We’ve arrived to a point in our history where coffee shops and bars serving non-alcoholic beverages are favored over the spot with the flashing sign out front that says, “UNLIMITED FREE SHOTS”.

Mocktails are on the rise, making social life seem more accessible and enjoyable for those of us who aren’t the alcohol drinking kind. Below is a list of the best places in Pensacola to grab a mocktail!

Union Public House – https://www.unionpensacola.com/

George Bistro & Bar – https://georgebistroandbar.com/

Garden & Grain – https://www.perfectplain.com/private-events-venue/garden-grain/

The Well – https://www.perfectplain.com/the-well/

Restaurant IRON – https://www.restaurantiron.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA44OtBhAOEiwAj4gpOY3mYHBdl6w2OlDCOEbXwz7QtXQ_-Pi9zdNiemPNRi8KiTnvMRl1_hoCK5cQAvD_BwE

The Grand Marlin – https://www.thegrandmarlin.com/

Let the alcohol-less libations flow free and feel better about having 2 or 3! Our society has celebrated the high consumption of alcohol and built and entire industry from it.

This trend of fancy hand-crafted drinks with no booze in them makes for a treat to those who have felt cast out because of their choices to stop drinking.

Bottoms up and hang overs be gone! The non-alchol drinkers can too party on!

Local Pulse Staff Writer, Makenna Curtis