Home Entertainment 10-year-old Pensacola EggFest gives $113,500 to charities

10-year-old Pensacola EggFest gives $113,500 to charities

More than doubling what organizers gave away in 2021, Pensacola EggFest saw record participation in 2022 to boost its infusion into the community. A record $113,500 is going to local charities as a result of this Pensacola foodie event. The event whose motto is #goodfood for a #goodcause, creates a culinary mash-up of friendships, camaraderie and delicious nosh.


“There’s a lot of love in our heart for the Pensacola area and for the charities that have been a part of Pensacola EggFest over the last 10 years,” said co-founder Lisa Lyter. “When we total it all up, Pensacola EggFest has given more than $650,000 dollars to local charities. Those charities are kids who won’t go to bed hungry, kids fighting cancer who will get more research, and families who will feel safer in our communities.”

Pensacola charities who are recipients of the 2022 Pensacola EggFest donations include Pensacola’s Finest Foundation, Manna, Rally Pensacola, Studer Community Institute, Hunting for Healing, Escambia County Fire Rescue, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Foundation and PACE Center for Girls.

Co-founder Doug Jolly said the once-weekend event has now turned into more than 20 events throughout the year.

“People are really starting to notice what Pensacola EggFest is doing throughout the year as much as our November event,” said Jolly. “Our cook teams mobilize to serve thousands of meals to thousands of deserving people — volunteers working for a local cause, businesses who lost everything in a storm, families in need.”

Pensacola EggFest sponsored by Kia Pensacola has become a destination event. Economic impact to Pensacola has been verified at over $200,000 for just the main event. Cook teams, judges and visitors come from Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana. Good Food Cookbooks have been sold in more than 30 states and three countries. Locals and visitors alike say one thing: it’s great to enjoy barbecuing with friends while making our community better.

Co-Founder Jerold Hall said the Pensacola EggFest team feels blessed to be able to put on this charity barbecue party every year.

“People ask us why we do Pensacola EggFest and we say, ‘we GET to do this.’” said Hall. Meaning, we can leverage a hobby we enjoy which benefits those in need. For us it’s simply a love of cooking and the joy of channeling that outpouring back to our communities.”

To learn more about Pensacola EggFest and see the full set of photos from this year’s event, visit the Facebook page. You can also visit www.pensacolaeggfest.com for more information about #goodfood for a #goodcause. Pensacola EggFest is supported by KIA Autosport of Pensacola, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Legendary Marine Pensacola and Hanto + Clarke General Contractors.

The Official Pensacola EggFest cookbook — Good Food, a collection of stories and recipes from EggFest Award-Winning Pitmasters from across the U.S. — is available at www.PensacolaEggfest.com