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Self-Love Potion Recipe

Valentine’s Day, occurring every year on February 14 where chocolates, flowers,  and Instagram posts are exchanged between loved ones in the name of the mysterious Saint Valentine.


I have nothing against the mushy gushy love stuff and in no way a Valentine’s Day Grinch, but I believe there is something deeper to celebrate today in the name of love. Let today serve as a reminder that the most important and longest relationship we have, is the one we have with ourselves. You are your true forever Valentine.

Prioritizing self-compassion and your well-being is not selfish, but actually the opposite. When you’re the best version of yourself, you allow other relationships in your life to flourish. There is a reason after all why flight attendants ask you to put your oxygen masks on before helping others.

As someone who actively and purposely tries to make sure my emotional, physical and spiritual checkbooks are balanced, I want to share some of my favorite practices and Pensacola places for anyone trying to take a step towards self-love today, tomorrow and forever.

Practice Self Care

I am not entirely talking about bubble baths and face masks, although I do highly suggest a spa day at Bodywork of Perdido Key, I am more so referring to: drink enough water, get enough sleep, write in your journal and tell yourself all good things.

I often hear friends (I am guilty of this too) say “I look fat in this” or “I’m ugly without makeup” — we would never, NEVER say this to someone else, why do we think its okay to say it to ourselves? Say nice things to yourself.

Take Care of Your Body

We only get one of these, treat it right! This doesn’t have to be a 90 minute cardio workout or a strict meal plan (although it can be if you enjoy that kind of stuff). This is meditating in the sunshine for 20 minutes on our beautiful beaches, walking around Veterans Memorial Park with a friend or riding your bike to the Daily Squeeze for a cold-pressed juice.

Don’t make this a part of your day that you dread, but a time you enjoy. Dr. Renee Thompson, a keynote speaker from Pensacola Entrecon, said 80% of the time fill your body with what it needs and the other 20% of the time fill it with what you want. Meaning there is still room for Parlor Doughnuts and Tacos Mexicanos highly addicting chips and queso!

Practice Gratitude and Acceptance

Things will never be perfect and that’s okay. Have appreciation for what is — eyes for seeing, legs for walking, hearts for loving. Maybe you didn’t win the race, but you have the legs that allowed you to run the race. Life goes fast and is filled with ups and downs and twists and turns so it’s important to look for the good things, notice them and appreciate them.

Those times when you are enjoying the weather or a meal and say to yourself “This is amazing!” Stop and absorb that feeling of genuine gratitude. Savor your blessings in the moment they happen.

My self-love potion recipe is definitely not the only recipe, but yours to follow and tweak to your liking. Start with setting the  intention of practicing self-love and see where it takes you.

All of that being said, I want to wish you a very happy Valentines Day and I hope you find time to pamper yourself with love, kindness and compassion today and everyday.

With love,

Elli Gentile