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Pensacola Police Officer of the Year 2022

Yesterday, Mayor D.C. Reeves and Pensacola Police Members gathered to recognize and award the service and bravery of members of our community and the Pensacola Police Department.


Detective Joseph Taschetta has been named the Pensacola Police Officer of the Year for 2022.  Detective Taschetta was recognized for his exceptional work on the over 200 cases he was assigned last year.

Of particular note was his investigation of a complex international cryptocurrency fraud scheme where his casework for one local victim uncovered other victims spread across the United States who had all been targeted by the international scammers.

His work recovered every penny of our local victim’s money and his investigation is being utilized by federal authorities to recover the losses of the other victims.

Pensacola would not be the incredible community we’re lucky to call home without the men and women protecting us each and every day. Although we may not interact with them on a daily basis, the danger of their work and the safety they preserve over our city does not go unnoticed.

Join us in congratulating Detective Taschetta and all who were recognized. Find all awards given yesterday on Pensacola Police Department;s Facebook Page. 

Photo by: Pensacola Police Department