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Play Pensacola: Youth Fun for the Summer Days

Play Pensacola Adventure Camp

We are only a few weeks into summer break and some of you may already be feeling the claustrophobia of having the kids at home all day. Just when you think you’ve exhausted it all, have you checked all the things that the City of Pensacola has going on?


Gone are the days of “Mom, I’m bored!” – We’ve got a city hub for all the youth events that will keep them active and moving, giving them more than one reason not to say those dreaded words!

“The City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department is your best resource for keeping your child active, healthy, and having fun all summer long.  Play Pensacola Summer Day Camps are offered close to home at your neighborhood resource centers and the adventures your child will experience include exciting field trips, swimming, computer labs, special events, and tons of indoor and outdoor fun!

Our summer camp programs offer a safe, affordable, inclusive environment where children can explore their creativity, learn new skills, and make lasting memories.

Play Pensacola Day Camp

Our Day Camp program is offered Monday-Friday in four locations for the weeks when school is out following the Escambia County School System calendar.

We also offer specialty camps for kids who love sports, dance, and the great outdoors. These camps typically last one week with a variety of camps scheduled each week throughout the summer. Specialty Camp dates, times, age ranges and costs vary according to each program.”

Day Camps

Performing Arts Camps

Outdoor Adventure Camps

Sports Camps

Of course, we all love having a little school break, yet the summer days can feel extra long when the kids are lounging around the house all 7 days. Thankfully our city offers much to do in Pensacola for the summertime. The options for our kids can be all day long, or just a few hours of activities at a time.

Find more information about the available camps and get signed up today by checking out the Pensacola Play website here: https://www.cityofpensacola.com/940/Summer-Camps

Go get outside AND PLAY!

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