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Oh Snapp!er, Charter Boat Season is here!

As Father’s Day gets closer and the summer is most definitely here, I’m brought back to childhood memories of all the fishing that I’ve done getting to grow up in Pensacola over the years.


Jump in a time capsule with me, and go back to your childhood days. Maybe you see yourself fishing on a boat, or dock, or sitting on the shore with a father figure showing you the ropes and how to hook the bait.

My grandfather and Uncle “Stinky” would be out fishing on the boat for what felt like days. The nickname “Stinky” was awarded to my uncle as a badge of honor for the smell they would haul in after a long day. As kids, my brother and I learned how to troll the bottoms and read the fish radar. My grandfather would always let us drive the boat and give us hints to find where his secret Red Snapper holes were.

The wisdom you get from the “good ol’ days”, is priceless, precious, and something that isn’t easily replaced. Without the family boat or their “fishermen’s code” around these days, I’m reminded of all the fishing legends that surround this special place.

Keep dreaming with me, and bring your attention back to today.

Picture showing up early – the sun is rising and the skies are looking clear. You’ve got a big, pretty boat docked waiting for you with a cooler full of snacks and cold beer. It’s time to go fishing. Not worrying about getting gas in the boat or where that dang little key may have gone missing.

A charter boat experience is the way to go. We just happen to live in a place with lots of talented fishermen and they’ve got the proof to show! (Insert pic)

Hot Spots Charters – 2022

Just like my grandfather and uncle, these captains are filled with knowledge and that sacred fisherman wisdom too. Their purpose is to take the pressure off and create memorable experiences similar to the personal story I was sharing with you. We are blessed by where we live and the diverse pool of locals that lead people on these trips. Being that we are a coastal town, charter fishing trips are one of the best ways to experience the fishing culture that surrounds us. You can find boats for big trips, small trips, shorter days, long stints, and everything in between. Red Snapper season and summer are kicking off in full swing!

You can find a list of locals by clicking on the links below. Read some reviews, and ask around people you may know. Do your research and find a good fit. It’s important to like the people who will be in charge and stuck on the boat with you for the trip.

Pensacola Fishing Charters

Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters

There is something special about catching what you eat. It means more when there is a story behind it and you get to share it with family, friends, or the new people you meet. As I reflect on those memories, some of the times I miss most, I find myself comforted by continuing to live out their legacy; fishing and learning here on the Gulf Coast!

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