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We’ve Got the Soup

After a long spell of rainy days and a lingering chilly February, we can’t think of a better way to embrace the weather than a big bowl of soul-warming soup. Where can you find the best soup in Pensacola? We’re here to tell you a few of our favorite spots.


Native Cafe

On first mention, you might think homestyle breakfast when this bright  Pensacola Beach breakfast cafe is suggested, but little did you know, Mama Joyce has been serving her family recipe soup specials since inception.

Joyce Brown, known by locals as ‘Mama Joyce’, and her husband Charlie Brown are the founders of Native Cafe and it was her home cooking recipes that birthed our favorite little coastal cafe. When it comes to the soup being served at Native, you’ll immediately be transported back to mom’s house on a sick-day home from school.

Varying week to week, you will be tempted with the feel-good classics like Chicken & Veggie, Turkey Noodle, Beef & Barley, Split Pea with Ham and vegan options like Black Bean & White Bean.

Whether you’re feeling blue from the rainy, cold weather or a little homesick, Mama Joyce & Native Cafe have the cure-all.

Follow along on their instagram @thenativecafe for weekly specials and all the homestyle food content.

The Farm

It’s no secret that The Farm is the place to go for fresh, farm-picked produce and friendly faces, especially on a Green Bucket Sunday. So what (or who in this case) is their best kept secret? Chef Matthew Brown. Master of all things cuisine and soup extraordinaire.

When you ask Matthew what he enjoys most about being a chef and his answer is; the full journey of seed to shelf, and then to friends and customer’s plates. He believes food is the ultimate multi-media — it appeals to all the senses at once. As a chef, your goal is to prepare a dish that is as interactive as possible; using all the colors and tantalizing smells in order to grab someone’s attention.

And attention-grabbing is exactly what the soup cooler at The Farm is. There is nothing ordinary about any of the Chef Matthew designed soups. The quirky flavor combinations and rich ingredients are what keep us coming back week after week.

From the OG, Black Garlic Mushroom Gouda Soup to Popcorn Bisque and Smoked Poblano Soup, we’ll hungrily be awaiting his next masterpiece.

Chef Matthew Soup updates can be found on The Farm’s Instagram, give them a follow @thefarmpcola