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Walk your heart out on National Walking Day

“Walking is a man’s best medicine.”— Hippocrates


The ancient Greek physician had a point! Such a great point that there is even a National Day in honor of this glorious, yet often taken for granted, action. American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, established National Walking Day in 2007.

Celebrated annually on the first Wednesday in April, National Walking Day encourages people to move more throughout their day. Communities across the country are invited to take a walk – whenever, wherever it suits them – on Wednesday, April 3 and raise awareness of the benefits of movement.

We are challenging you to get out there and walk! Here are some ideas:

  • Ask colleagues, friends or family to join you.
  • If you work remotely, take a conference call on the go.
  • If you work downtown, walk to lunch.
  • If you have a pet, get moving together! Walking is a win-win for the health of you and your pet.
  • Take a family stroll after dinner.
  • Log you walk! Move of Pensacola in running a social media competition just simply for walking! Details here.

Where to walk:

  • Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze
  • Wetlands Boardwalk and Trail
  • Chappie James (Three Mile Bridge)
  • Bayfront Parkway
  • Downtown Pensacola
  • Corinne Jones Park
  • Bayview Park
  • Fort Pickens
  • UWF – Edward Ball Nature Trail
  • Marcus Bayou Boardwalk
  • Maritime Park
  • Arcadia Mill (Milton)
  • Your neighborhood!
  • Any of our sprawling white sand beaches

Have some more time? Check out Pensacola Vibe’s full list of trails here.

Walking statistics:

  • 3.1 miles per hour — the average walking speed of a human.
  • 500 miles — the walking duration a pair of tennis shoes lasts for.
  • 50% — the percentage of Americans who exercise regularly.
  • 6,000 — the number of steps a day that improves overall health.
  • 65,000 miles — the distance a person walks in their lifetime.
  • 10 miles — the distance it would take to walk every week to end 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year.
  • 20 minutes — the number of extra minutes of walking it would take to burn seven pounds of body fat per year.
  • 2,000 steps — the number of steps that equal one mile.
  • 60% — the percentage boost human creativity gets from walking.
  • 15 minutes — the time it takes to curb sugar cravings by walking.

Don’t make it complicated, just get out there and WALK! Happy National Walking Day Pensacola! And we hope you enjoy our walking video and it inspires you to move your feet.