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The Pancake Lover’s Dream Home is Available for Your Next Vacation!

Eggo House in Gatlinburg, TN

You and seven other friends and family can now stay in a 2,000-square-foot 4-bedroom home that looks like a delicious stack of Eggo pancakes!


The Pancake Capital of the South, Gatlinburg, TN, is now the home of one of the soon-to-be most popular rental homes – the Eggo House of Pancakes.

Bunk beds in the Eggo House, Gatlinburg, TN

It is the perfect mountain getaway for you and your family to L’Eggo with Eggo and let go of the chaos of everyday life while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Upon walking into the Eggo House of Pancakes, visitors will be immersed in a warm, nostalgic pancake getaway.

Here, every room is adorned with deliciously luxe pancake-inspired decor and subtle pancake nods. The upper level features the kitchen, with a freezer full of Eggo pancakes.

Right off the kitchen sits the spacious living room, offering an inviting atmosphere of plush couches, a stone fireplace, a dining area, and a remarkable view of the Smoky Mountains.

Plenty of free Eggos to munch on in the freezer!

The Eggo House of Pancakes is open for weekend visitors during March.

Set your clocks! Availability for March will open every Monday.

Requests to book will only be accepted after 11 am Central every Monday and will be closed after approximately 48 hours.


Find all the details here: https://bit.ly/EggoHouseofPancakes