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Get to know Pensacola Makeup Artist Waverly Taitano Norris

Make up artists are the magicians behind the scenes. With a palette of color and a brush in hand, they use faces as their creative canvas and bring confidence and empowerment to their clients. Waverly Taitano Norris is one of Pensacola’s makeup magicians and we had the honor of sitting down with her while she was practicing her craft and find out what drives her passion in the beauty industry.


Last Friday I met Waverly at Style Downtown where she was doing Donna Dickey’s makeup for the Believing in Girls Gala at Sanders BeachWaverly had her entire set up meticulously laid out — ring lights, hand mirrors, makeup pallets, brushes and airbrush kits — every girls dress-up dream! Donna was going for a smokey eye look to match her black ball gown and natural concealer and contouring to highlight her natural beauty. Waverly refers to her makeup as ‘soft glam’, which was the perfect compliment to what Donna was looking for.

Donna Dickey (L) and Waverly Taitano (R) pose after completing her look.

“I would call my makeup style soft glam,” said Waverly. “I prefer a light, more natural makeup look to allow my clients natural beauty to shine through, nobody wants a cake face!”

I think most women prefer a look that will enhance our natural features, but make up is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and not easy for everyone. It’s an art form that takes time, practice and unique point of view.

“I enhance my client’s natural beauty by using techniques that fit their face and eye shapes. I always apply with light hand whether it’s eyeshadow or bronzer,” said Waverly. “Remember not all looks work for all face and eye shapes, so it’s important to be realistic with your make up goals. I never want to mask what my client actually looks like…unless they ask me to of course!”

For Waverly, the beauty industry was always something she grew up around and she knew from a young age that she wanted to go into the world of beauty.

”Growing up with a hairdresser mom, I knew I wanted to do something in the beauty industry and makeup seemed the most exciting,” said Waverly. “I’ve been doing makeup for over 10 years, however, I have taken it a lot more seriously the last three years. These last few years have been amazingly busy for me!”

Like most professions, practice makes perfect and the learning never stops. The makeup world is no different. Waverly has a large network and even some mentors she credits for helping her get to where she is today. She also most recently won runner up for InWeekly’s Best Bridal Makeup Artist in 2023.

“My advice for someone getting into the makeup industry would be practice! Practice! Practice! Don’t give up or get discouraged if things aren’t starting off perfect,” she said. “Keep in mind you can’t always please everyone, and that’s okay! Also, it’s wonderful to network and get to know other makeup artists and wedding vendors around you! It’s inspiring what we can learn from each other. I wouldn’t be where I am now without having assisted and learned from my good friend Kendall Frazee (Kendall Lynn Skin).“

Thank you Waverly and Donna for letting me sit in on your session! On top of her makeup career, Waverly is an incredible new mom, manages social accounts for Red Iron Design and you can still find her at Waterboyz managing their events and social media. We absolutely adore her and her boss mom ambition. Keep thriving Waverly!

Waverly offers bridal, event, and commercial makeup specializing in soft glam and uses airbrush foundation.The best way to contact her and book is via instagram @waverly_mua or email waverly.mua@gmail.com.