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Mastering Professional Growth: An EntreCon Extra Presentation

Scott Bradbary has been a coach, in one form or another, for 42 years. His depth of knowledge about leadership delivered many layers of value in an EntreCon Extra presentation called Mastering The Three Levels Of Professional Growth.” The presentation was great,” said attendee Mary Mehta, VP & Chief Medical Officer at Nemours Children’s Health, “Everything that leaders have to deal with was really sort of condensed into a very effective and pointed conversation.”


The event on February 8th at The Rex Theater in Pensacola, was the first of five EntreCon Extra presentations planned for 2024. EntreCon Extras are deep dives on some of the most requested topics from EntreCon, Studer Community Institute’s signature business, leadership, and entrepreneurship conference every November. This year will mark a milestone 10th EntreCon on November 13-14.

Scott Bradbary shares leadership insights with EntreCon Extra attendees
Scott Bradbary shares leadership insights with EntreCon Extra attendees

Bradbary, Chief Talent Officer for the Warren Averett accounting firm and an experienced speaker, spelled out the three levels of professional growth: Mastering the Fundamentals, Developing the three C’s (Consistency, Competence, and Confidence), and Consistent High Performance, providing different making insights to navigate a successful path. Interactive exercises helped to hammer home the lessons. There was no shortage of takeaways. “The importance of being able to deliver developmental feedback was a huge takeaway for me,” exclaimed Jade Christian, Project Coordinator for Escambia County Healthy Start Coalition, “I found that that was something that I needed to work on in our exercise. I struggled a little bit there, but that gave me a sign that this is what I want to work on.”

Jade Christian takes part in interactive exercise at EntreCon Extra
Jade Christian takes part in interactive exercise at EntreCon Extra

Individual skill building and how that can lift your team or organization were clear dividends, and the shared experience of in-person training brought other levels of benefit. “I was the only one in health care at our table,” said Mehta, “but hearing their perspectives that we could identify how similar they were and yet how different, and they were experiencing some of the same struggles. You tend to insulate yourself and think it’s only health care that’s dealing with it, and that’s not the case at all. So, I think that really helps to help identify those issue across all different industries.” Christian added, “I very much appreciate these events because we can actually come and attend with other professionals in our area and learn from their experiences, their examples, their questions, and take them into our own life.”

The next EntreCon Extra featuring Danny Bader, a best-selling author and nationally acclaimed speaker based in Pennsylvania, is “The Vital Nature of Values, Vision & Mindset” on March 14th. You can register here.

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