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24 in 2024: Mayor Reeves shares Pensacola Plan

American Magic is a professional sports team that will be training and living in Pensacola by November 2024. They are currently in Barcelona training for the 37th America's Cup. Photo: @americanmagicteam

Mayor D.C Reeves hosted his live weekly press conference this morning and shared his working strategic plan for the City of Pensacola for 2024.


This is not a complete list according to the Mayor. There are standard things that they do every day and will continue to do so. However, it is a list that keeps the Mayor and his team focused on the clarity of their project scope and accountable for what they have started.

This list is in alphabetical order.  It is a list that the Mayor would like to have completed or make significant progress on each item.

Missed the press conference?  Click here to listen for more detailed information about each of the 24 projects that Mayor Reeves is prepared to allocate resources, time, and effort to bring to the finish line for the taxpayers of Pensacola:  https://bit.ly/24in2024forPensacola

Mayor D.C. Reeves 24 in 2024

  1. American Magic (Port, Engineering, Economic Development)
  2. Attainable Housing Initiatives (Motor Lodge, Malcolm Yonge, new projects)
  3. Baptist Hospital (EcoDev, Engineering, Housing, CRA)
  4. Bayfront/SUN Trail mixed use path (Public Works)
  5. Begin $5,000,000 Brownsville Commercial Revitalization Project (CRA)
  6. Begin Fricker Center $5.5 million CDBG Renovation Project (P&R/ PW)
  7. Begin Hashtag Project (Engineering, PW, CRA)
  8. Code Enforcement Policy & Procedure Overhaul (Code/PPD)
  9. Customer Service Center at City Hall (Inspections, Parking, Engineering, Energy, Sanitation)
  10. Hagler Mason/Council Chambers Refresh (PW)
  11. Help finalize A&P Mechanics School for PSC at PNS Airport (Airport, EcoDev)
  12. Hollice T. Williams Greenway (Public Works, Engineering, CRA)
  13. Improved Internal Communications (Mayor/All Departments)
  14. LDC Assessment/Next Steps for LDC (Planning/Dev Services)
  15. Leadership Training/Development/Evaluation (HR, all departments)
  16. Low Barrier Shelter (Mayor/Housing)
  17. LTU – Parking, Sidewalk, Canopy, Business Tax Receipt Overhaul (Dev. Services)
  18. Mental Health Outreach Officer Implementation (PPD)
  19. Parking Reform (Parking)
  20. Parks & Rec Organizational Assessment + Deferred Maintenance Evaluation (P&R)
  21. Pensacola International Airport Terminal (Airport)
  22. Recycling Solution (Sanitation)
  23. Solution for Bay Bluffs Park (PR/PW)
  24. Strategic Plan Execution (All departments, Council)

Other things to be completed:  Pensacola Welcome Sign, Bayou Texar/Graffiti Walk-thru/boat launch, Roger Scott Poolhouse, Roger Scott Tennis Center, Veterans Memorial Park Classroom, Hagler Mason , Bruce Beach Phase 2