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Scenic 90 Cafe celebrates 90-year-old veteran, Mr. Lee

A U.S. Navy veteran has touched thousands of hearts after a local café posted news of his loyalty to the restaurant.


On December 30, Scenic 90 Cafe shared the below photo on their Facebook page with the caption:

This is Mr Lee. He comes in every day for breakfast (sometimes twice a day), watching us fill the ice bins, squeeze the OJ, and even helps us out separating coffee filters. He loves our company, but we love his even more.

U.S. Navy veteran Lee visits Scenic Cafe everyday for breakfast.

Since then, Mr. Lee has taken the internet by storm, even becoming a national news story on Fox News! The cafe’s Facebook post received over 19,000 reactions, 243 comments and 140 shares.

Local Pensacolian Mr. Lee visits the Scenic 90 Cafe every morning for a good breakfast and a good chat. He served in the U.S. Navy for over 30 years and loves to sit at the counter and share stories of his wife and kids with the staff. He also enjoys lending a helping hand.

Mr. Lee’s 90th birthday is in March of 2024, the cafe plans to celebrate him and has asked the community to join in on the celebration:

Y’all brought tears to Mr. Lee’s eyes! Today we welcomed Mr. Lee back to his spot for breakfast (and lunch!) and shared your thousands of likes & comments to our post. He teared up, we teared up, and it was a big ol blubbering mess.

But now we have something fun in store! This March, Mr. Lee is turning 90 years old and we’re gonna celebrate! We welcome everyone to send him a birthday card, which we’ll collect over the weeks and give to him that morning with a planned celebration! Please drop off a card or mail to: Scenic 90 Cafe, c/o Mr. Lee, 701 Scenic Highway, Pensacola, FL, 32503.

Many of you asked how you can buy him a meal, and y’all are the best! Call us directly at (850) 433-8844 and ask for a manager. We have a gift card set up for him that we can add directly to!
Thank y’all for loving our sweet Mr. Lee, and all of our military veterans!


Lee sits in the same chair everyday which the staff plan to decorate on his 90th birthday in March of 2024