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Hope Is Essential In Every Season

The holiday season calls for all the big feelings. Feelings of joy, excitement, grief.. you fill in what’s appropriate for your case. In my opinion, the state of the world is enough to make the big feelings last all 365 days.


The heart of this article is centered around hope. A hope that surpasses all understanding. A hope that makes living worth living, even through the hard things.

Can I challenge you to question where you put your hope in these days?

Is it positive results?
Is it what someone else says?
Is it God?
Is it yourself and your own ways?

Hope for the results of the blood tests to come back clear.

Hope for a healthy pregnancy.

Hope that your parent will overcome their dependency.

Hope for the job that will save the family.

It is natural to put our hope in something.

You and I both know that we won’t always get positive results, which means if our hope is rooted in results alone – we will be crushed when we don’t get what we want.

Similarly, when our hope is put in others, we become chained to whatever they say or do. And that oftentimes leaves us broken or hurt.

Does that sound like you?

We aren’t confined to putting our hope in results or a person. God gives us a choice to place our eternal hope in Him. It’s a free invite that He would be overjoyed to have one of His children accept. An invite that renews the second a new day begins. It’s a hope that lasts 365 days, 24/7 around the clock. A hope that overflows when truly received. A hope that never ends.

I’d been praying this week for answers on what true hope means. It felt important to share with you what God’s words revealed to me. It would be wrong to take credit for all three, as my daughter added the one about joy, and it is my favorite personally.

Hope brings;

Peace in a time of not knowing

Confidence in whatever the results will read

Joy in time of desperation

This is the kind of hope that will allow your soul to be free. We have so many people, tasks, and distractions pulling at our hearts beat. Trying to constantly throw us off of the rhythm that matters most to our heavenly King.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

– Romans 15:13

For these next few holiday weeks, or the next time your hope is running thin – I encourage you to think back to the beginning of the Jesus story. It can be refreshing to look back on the hope that came through a small newborn, by way of a virgin named Mary.

Stay hope-filled my friends. Until next week.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist,  Makenna Curtis

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Makenna Curtis is a Pensacola local with a BIG heart for her hometown. Motherhood, storytelling, helping others, and celebrating the small things in life are just a few of her favorite things. Makenna graduated the University of West Florida with a degree in Communications and Advertising in 2017. Her passion for living life to the fullest and connecting with others makes having a conversation or reading her work easy!