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How to Shop Local: Holiday Shopping Sneak Peek

The Local Pulse team hitches a ride on Santa's sled for some pre-holiday shopping around Pensacola to teach you How to Shop Local.

Have a seat Santa! Trade your boots for flip-flops (okay, maybe not just yet – checks and taps temperature gauge), kick back for a minute and let’s talk holiday shopping in Pensacola!


We adore your elves – the absolute cutest ever – but you literally have the entire world to worry about. Let us take a few things off your cookie plate by showing you and Pensacolians how to shop locally!

Have a Santa Spritzer and take a load off. We promise to make naughty and nice consultations before we Apple Pay.

Okay, with Santa relieved of his shopping duties let’s have a little talk…just us, neighbors and friends.

We understand the love for cheap impulse buys. I mean if a place in Pensacola had 186 personalized stickers that say “From the Kitchen of…,” for 86 cents, we’d sail right over, too.

But it’s also okay to lay down the facade. You’re probably not gonna make those loaves of cranberry bread for the neighbors with personalized stickers just like you’re not gonna eat the salad bags you continue to buy every week.

But we’re steadily clicking and adding. Clicking and buying. It’s 86 cents, right? A shelf for over the toilet that also exercises a guinea pig that I don’t have?

It’s $2.83, Linda! No one said I have to have the guinea pig at the time of purchase, okay?

But when was the last time you cheered for the Shein Sharks or the J. Crew Jaguars?

The reality is that a lot of our online favorites aren’t sponsorin’ the Little League team, and not one Shein Shark have I seen at the Optimist soccer field, have you?

It isn’t about choosing one over the other, it’s about reminding you that our local businesses have some pretty cool things that will make you WANT to shop locally. And you’ll be proud to know you bought from a place that builds and strengthens our community, financially anchors our economy, and employs our people. 

I’m not saying we should stop ordering from the stores we like online, because there are a lot of local folks being employed at UPS and FedEx this time of year, too. But when you go to buy, remember all the good that our local businesses do for us year-round and shop local first.

This isn’t just a call to support your neighbor, it’s a reminder that you may be surprised at how many amazing stores and products are right here in our community!

One of the missions of Local Pulse is to support small businesses, so when we began talking about the holidays, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on shopping at some of our local favorites. There are great deals, competitive prices, unique merchandise, and fun items everywhere!

Over the next week, we invite you to check in daily to see where the Local Pulse team will slide in on Santa’s sled. We can’t wait to give you a holiday shopping sneak peek across the greater Pensacola area!