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5 Reasons Co-Workers are the Best

When you spend 8 hours a day working with the same group of people, friendships are bound to form — especially when you work in social media and report good news only. Why? Well, because we spent all morning today running around downtown with a Hawaiian Santa Claus (more on that next week). Anyway, that’s beside the point. I think we can all agree that having a solid work squad makes Monday mornings slightly more bearable.


Here are 5 reasons to appreciate your co-workers:

1) The group chats power you through the day.

I can always count on my work group chats for quality entertainment. Whether it’s an accidental photo your phone snapped while in selfie mode while in a drive through (double chin and all) or an absolutely ridiculous GIF in response to a big a win (or lose), I am coming here for a bit of comic relief.

2) You can relate to each other’s struggles.

You can vent to anybody and get a “Yeah, I know what you mean.” But it’s truly just your co-workers who actually get what you mean. They can provide mentorship in the moment and valuable advice along the way. They were probably just as close to tossing their iPhone off the three-mile bridge yesterday as I was today.

3) They know your good angles.

Okay, this might just be a social media thing, but maybe not. As an online news source and social media business we are constantly in photo mode. And my co-workers will not, I mean will NOT do me dirty when it comes to my good side, spinach in my teeth or a toothpaste dribble down my t-shirt. If all else fails, photoshop me out, boss.

4) They are your biggest cheerleaders.

Having a rough day? Need some support? Need to be reminded of how smart, talented and amazing you are? Your co-workers to the rescue! I am constantly reminded of my worth and I am constantly reminding them of the AMAZINGNESS they bring to to the table. It’s a beautiful and rare thing.

5) They always want snacks.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Every meeting is either at a local lunch or coffee spot OR it’s at one of our homes with lots of cheese, pickles and parlor donuts. The combination is unlikely, but goes perfect together, which can also be said for work besties.

So, on that note, thanks to my work people for another manic, magical Monday.