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5 Downtown Patios for Meeting Friends

Photo: Grimy Studios

Here are 5 downtown patios for meeting friends, which is one of the best things to do in Pensacola.


One of my favorite places to meet friends is on an outdoor patio of a restaurant or bar. We are lucky to live in a place with moderate temperatures and beautiful weather, making it patio time, most of the time.

While there are phenomenal restaurants all over Pensacola with outdoor seating and patios, here are 5 of my personal favorites located downtown. We will move around the area and feature more places with patios in upcoming posts!

  1.  Lucy’s in the Square – I love this quaint little spot tucked behind a picket fence. The seating for this courtyard is at sidewalk level, so it’s a fun, casual place to watch the people and cars go by. There are plenty of umbrellas for shade and lots of dogs to pet. This locale definitely gives college-town and local vibes. They have a solid, simple menu and always have fun drinks, like Champagne pops and Sangria.
  2. Hub Stacey’s – Hub’s is definitely a local favorite. I’m a sucker for ordering the same thing every time and I am partial to the club sandwich with chips. The patio is tucked on the side of the building and is always fun on a festival day or anytime, really! Going to Hub’s is like going to an old friend’s house.
  3. The Dog House/The Wine Bar – I combined these two because they’re neighbors and the sidewalk blends the tables together. I love meeting up with friends and sitting outside on Palafox. The people watching is the best part and the conversations are endless. The Dog House has a great breakfast, cocktail specials every weekend, and an After Dark menu that is amazing! The Wine Bar has an elevated menu, including charcuterie that is perfect for nibbling and talking.
  4.  Pensacola Bay Brewery – This is a great place to meet up after touring some of the locations that are part of Historic Pensacola. This area is located just off Seville Square and is a convenient walk from downtown. There’s plenty of covered seating outdoors and is a great place to meet up, have some drinks, and continue on to dinner.
  5. Jaco’s I love Jaco’s. Maybe it’s the pomme frites and aioli making me feel like I am eating large French fries with fewer calories? Doubtful, but whatever. Or when they’re skinny do you just eat more? PoTAYto…PoTAHto, right? Either way, Jaco’s has one of the largest patios downtown, with a pretty view of Pensacola Bay and the feel of a bay breeze.
The picket fence lined patio of Lucy’s on the Square.
Hub Stacey’s Downtown.
The back patio at The Wine Bar on Palafox. Photo: Grimy Studios www.Facebook.com/grimystudios 
Jaco’s along Pensacola Bay.
The outdoor patio at The Dog House along Palafox.
Pensacola Bay Brewery off Seville Square.

Where do you like to meet up with friends?