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October’s Best Kept Secret is Pensacola Beach

As we close out this last week of September, there is a shift in the air. We don’t have these big exaggerated leaf changes like that of the North East. Yet we find it hard to complain when our palm trees are thriving in the cooler air and salty Breeze.


We’ve become quite the tourism hotspot with our beautiful white sands and emerald-green waters. So it’s only fair that we feel a sense of relief as the humidity lifts and the tourists leave the beach.

It feels like an annual bonus when the busy season ends on Pensacola Beach. No more waiting in traffic or picking up heaps of trash that people tend to leave.

October’s best-kept secret is Pensacola Beach.

The water is still warm and extra clear for a swim. Most of the seaweed has moved on with the tides. A walk along the shoreline nearly guarantees to surprise you with sea creatures swimming by.

That big mass in the water coming straight your way is just a school of baby cow rays. You can follow accounts like Deluna Vision, Pensacola Vibes, and Explore Pensacola to see what I mean.

The seashells stand out more as you walk down the beach. The sunsets seem even more crisp and beautiful without the summer heat.

Although we depend on the tourists to infiltrate our cozy beach town, it is a breath of fresh air to have no one around.

From what I’ve experienced in other cities that are close to the beach, especially the nicer ones – They don’t seem to sleep.

Pensacola Beach is a special place. Those of us who have spent any time here have gotten a taste.

As we kiss the sunsets of September goodbye, make sure you have a chance to experience Pensacola Beach during this sacred time.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Lover of the Beach, Makenna Curtis