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Khon’s on Palafox Levels Up Their Asian Cuisine

Khon’s has been a personal favorite place for Asian Cuisine since its beginning. It’s my go-to local spot when someone asks “Where should we go out to eat?”


Dot, the founding owner of Khons, has been a family friend for quite some time. I’ve had the honor and foodie pleasure of getting to try his creative eats before Khon’s was even a thing.

We were working at the Hilton together on Pensacola Beach and he would invite us to come by the sushi bar to try his off-menu eats. It tasted like everything he put together was crafted with years of experience and a deep welled passion for Asian Cuisine.

Flash forward to this past summer of ‘23, when Khon’s introduced their newest Executive Chef and talented artist within the world of Asian Cuisine. Bringing on Blade Herring seems like a match made in heaven. These two accomplished chefs are clearly passionate about making incredible food for people to experience.

Going on 15 years in the industry, Blade has mastered his craft working in some of the top sushi restaurants down in the Florida Keys. His repertoire qualifies him to say the least, to have experience in top-star sushi, serving, and bartending.

You may recognize him from his previous role as Chef de Cuisine from Jackson’s down the street. It was during a time of soul-searching when Blade was approached with the opportunity to join the Khon’s team.

Blade shares, “Of course, it was a no-brainer for me. Getting a chance to cook the food I’m most passionate about, Asian Fusion, as well as working alongside one of downtown’s signature chefs. This is what I had been looking for.

Dot and I have really hit it off and are pushing each other to really make Khon’s stand out as one of the premier restaurants on the Gulf Coast.

With a new menu that just dropped, the addition of a full liquor bar, and a remodel planned in the near future – We hope to become one of the premier sushi date night spots, as well as the place where friends come together to enjoy a wonderful meal with good company.”

The New Menu

As foodies do best, Elli and I volunteered as tribute for an Asian Fusion date night. Blade mentions the menu updates and they are 100% worth a try.

The updates include a happy hour cocktail menu with little bites, a vegan menu, and after-dinner desserts.

You know it was good when we practically licked the plate after the last bite.

Favorite Menu Items

The Omakase – Their shareable Asian Fusion experience is a must-try.

Upon recommendation, we ordered the experience for two. Blade came out with 4 different courses ranging in incredible flavors. I’m not lying when I say this food was too good to be true.

The partnership is proving to be promising for these talented chefs. Both Elli and I have full confidence that their hopes for Khon’s becoming the next premier sushi restaurant along the Gulf Coast will come true.

This is your sign to plan your date night, birthday, or happy hour with friends. A big thanks to Chef Dot and Chef Blade. The Local Pulse endorses the tasty cuisine you are amplifying on Palafox Street!

Follow along with their culinary journey on their social media channels and website.

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