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Food Crush and Freak Shakes at TASTEbuds in Pace

We crushed burgers. We crushed hotdogs. Time for dessert! Our food crush team decided there was only one place to go to, the holy grail of milkshakes and ice cream — TASTEbuds: Sweet Treats and Ice Cream in Pace.


Visually stunning and dangerously delicious these milkshakes or as the menu reads “Freak Shakes” are truly out of this world. Picture a frosty glass filled to the brim with creamy, velvety goodness, rimmed with your favorite syrups and sauces and a heavenly slice of cheesecake proudly sitting atop.

Our food crush team and guest eater, Chief Deputy, Tommi Lyter each indulged in the freak shakes of their choice including Nanner Puddin’, Don’t go Biscoffin’ on me, Slice of Heaven, For the Love of Peanut Butter and seasonal flavor, Pecan Lovers. That is just 5 of the 14 house Freak Shakes, not to mention the over 34 ice cream flavors offered in house.

Just like in our favorite classic diner scenes, the boys shared shakes as they passed each one around and took their turn after a proper straw swap. Beards were harmed, stares were given and dessert was leveled up!

“My favorite was the pecan lovers. BUtter pecan ice cream and an actual slice of pecan pie on top — it was actually fantastic. All of them were delicious, you heard it from the guys. You can’t go wrong here at TASTEbuds,” said Doug Jolly.

“Thank you to Michael and his crew and to Pace for welcoming us in!”

Owner, Michael Hobbs and his family are the ice cream lovers  behind this shop and have been running TASTEbuds since its inception in 2017. We can’t say enough great things about this awesome family, ice cream shop and commitment to their community.

We are officially in the festive season, which means it’s all about fall, Halloween and sweet treats! Get down to TASTEbuds and impress all your instagram followers with these insanely beautiful and tasty shakes. TASTEbuds, you officially have a new FREAK shake fan club!

Watch the boys full review above and all the sweet pics below.