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Use Prime Day to Help a Neighbor in Need

Christmas in July.


The Super Bowl of Shopping.

The Buy Now Bonanza.

Or more commonly known as, Prime Day.

A day that has given Black Friday and Cyber Monday a run for its money and Amazon Prime shoppers around the world get two days to push their buyer’s remorse to the side and replace it with shopper’s delight. While I did some Prime Day indulging myself the last few days, I was trying to think of way to incorporate this day into a Local Pulse article.

As a website and good news source who actively supports small, local businesses this was going to be tricky. And as a community who cherishes our small businesses, the challenge was leveled up again. Just before I gave up on the article all together, it hit me.

This is the perfect opportunity support local initiatives and help those in need. Here is a list below of non profits, schools and other charitable causes that have Amazon Wishlists, and, even better, are most likely on sale today.

Brentwood Elementary

”The administration at Brentwood Elementary School are excited and busy getting ready to welcome the faculty and staff back to the 2023/2024 school year. We want to begin this year with happy and rested cubs and need your help to do so. Below is an Amazon wish list to stock the teacher’s lounge. Most days during pre-planning, the teachers are too busy to stop and enjoy a lunch, so we hope to provide them with snacks they can graze on throughout the day. Our school does not have a PTA, so a donation would mean the world to us. If you feel to do so, please consider sending a box of treats our way and feel free to share to friends and family.” — Brentwood Elementary Facebook Page

Click here to go to Brentwood Elementary’s Amazon Wishlist

Gulfarium C.A.R.E. Center

It takes a lot to run the C.A.R.E. Center! We are always in need of new items to better care for our patients. If you are interested in donating to the C.A.R.E. Center, check out our Amazon wish list! — Gulfarium C.A.R.E. Center Facebook Page

Click here to go to the C.A.R.E. Center’s Amazon Wishlist

Pensacola Humane Society

As we are a not-for-profit organization, we are always in need of more supplies that will help us care for the animals. Donations can be sent to 5 N Q St. Pensacola, FL 32505 and can also be dropped off in person. An Amazon wish list is also always posted on the website — Pensacola Humane Society

Click here to go to Pensacola Humane Society’s Amazon Wishlist

Manna Food Pantries

We are committed to providing the healthiest food possible to our hungry neighbors in need in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties  – that’s why we pack all of our bags based on USDA Standards for a Healthy Diet. — Manna Food Pantries

Click here to go to Manna Food Pantries’ Amazon Wishlist

Gulf Coast Kid’s House

Donations are vital to our organization both monetary and in-kind. Your generous donations will be put to good use and benefit children from our local community. — Gulf Coast Kid’s House

Click here to go to Gulf Coast Kid’s House Amazon Wishlist 

Bright Bridge Ministries

We’re on a mission to help those in need become contributing members of society, leading lives they are proud of. Bright Bridge Ministries offers food, recovery services, housing and spiritual guidance. When you support Bright Bridge Ministries, you’re supporting the community, and individuals who are giving their all to change their lives for the better. — Bright Bridge Ministries 

Click here to visit Bright Bridge Ministries Amazon Wishlist 

That rush you feel from hitting the ‘buy now’ button will feel that much better when it’s for a good cause and for a neighbor in need. Happy Prime Day Pensacola. Do you know some more we should add to the list? Please comment them on our Facebook post.