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Free Wi-Fi Now Available on ECAT Buses

Escambia County Area Transit is proud to announce the launch of Wi-Fi on all its buses, making it easier for commuters to stay connected on the go. With the rise of remote work and online training, staying connected has become more important than ever.


Commuters can now use their travel time to catch up on work emails, attend virtual meetings or even stream their favorite shows. The new service will not only improve the commuting experience, but will also increase productivity and efficiency for those who rely on public transportation.

“Providing Wi-Fi on public transit is a game-changer for our commuters,” said Mass Transit Director Rodriquez Kimbrough. “We understand the importance of staying connected and we are committed to providing our riders with the best possible experience.”

The Wi-Fi service is free for all riders and is available on all buses. To access the service, riders simply need to connect to the network and accept the terms and conditions. The service is secure and provides a fast and reliable connection.

“We are excited to offer Wi-Fi to our riders,” says Kimbrough. “We hope that by adding this service, we can encourage more people to use public transportation.”

The introduction of Wi-Fi on public transit is just one of the many initiatives ECAT is taking to improve its transportation system. With a focus on sustainability, accessibility and innovation, ECAT is committed to providing the community with an award-winning transportation system.

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