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Dog Models of Pensacola

Yes, there is a day for everything these days, just check the National Day Calendar. Typically, it’s a day that’s not too exciting like Shredded Wheat Day or Mechanical Pencil Day (yes, those are both real). Today on the other hand, is National Pet Photography Day and the site reads:


“National Dog Photography Day, celebrated on July 26 every year, aims to encourage dog owners, pet enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts, and all dog lovers to post as many photos of their dogs, guilt-free. Did you know that the United States has the highest pet dog population in the world? Yes, the United States has the highest pet dog population among all the countries, with approximately 75.8 million pet dogs. This relatively new holiday has become a sensation as pet parents across the globe showcase their beloved pets on this day!”

As a dog mom of two and someone who is constantly stopping and asking strangers if they can pet and photograph their dogs, I thought, “it’s finally time to do something with all these pup pictures.” I did a search on my photos of “dog” and turns out, I have 1,843 photos of dogs on my phone. Also turns out, we have some very talented dog models in our town. Here’s my top 20 Pensacola pooch pics. Do you see your pup?