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Unscheduled Blue Angels Practice Info

FACT: There can never be too many Blue Angels shows and practices. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will practice this Thursday & Friday (7/27 and 7/28) from 10-11:30 AM.
Want to have one of the best views in town? The Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum are selling tickets in the Gift Shop on a first-come, first-serve basis from 9-10 AM tomorrow & Friday. The tower will be closed to those with general admission until the practice is over.
Because these practices are unscheduled, The National Naval Aviation Museum (NNAM) will not have their observation area open on unscheduled days. What that means is, you need to find an alternate location to watch. Fort Pickens is your best bet or we have heard the parking lot at the Target on Blue Angel Parkway has an unobstructed view.
Blues month continues, and we’re not complaining, not one bit.