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Lakeview Center welcomes a new Director of Nursing

Lakeview Center welcomes Roxanna Conyers to its team as the new Director of  Nursing. Roxanna will report to Dr. Guido Ludergnani, M.D., who serves as Chief of Medical Services for the  organization. 


Roxanna will play a key role in recruitment, development and retention to position nursing staff as leaders in the  field. She will lead, solidify and implement best nursing practices and work on innovative ways to assist clients  with physical and behavioral health needs. She will oversee the compliance of state, federal and community rules  and regulations and serve as an advocate for clients and nursing staff. Roxanna will develop any corrective action  needs such as medication errors, medically complex care, COVID and other infectious disease adherence in  partnership with the LifeView Group infection control nurse. 

Most recently, Roxanna served as an assistant director of nursing to assist leaders in developing, promoting and  fostering quality nursing practices. She performed in a variety of capacities to include pharmacy, inventory  management, rehabilitation practices and as a liaison to the clinical team, executive leaders and patients. In  addition, Roxanna has experience supervising nursing unit operations for large staff levels.  

Roxanna earned a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and Organizational Leadership from University of  South Carolina. She is an Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid responder as well as an Opioid Overdose  Responder. She is a passionate public health advocate. 

Learn more about behavioral health programs and services at elakeviewcenter.org. 

About Lakeview Center 

Lakeview Center provides comprehensive behavioral health care to adults and children with mental illnesses, drug  and alcohol dependencies and intellectual disabilities. Across Northwest Florida, our services range from residential  treatment to outpatient counseling, psychiatry, trauma care, treatments for substance misuse and 24/7 support for  those with serious mental illnesses. Learn more at eLakeviewCenter.org.