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Pensacola Moves Closer to Renewable Energy Goal

The City of Pensacola is excited to announce that the city’s compressed natural gas vehicles have now switched to renewable natural gas, contributing to the city’s overall Renewable Energy Goal.


The change was made possible through an agreement signed by Pensacola Energy to purchase renewable natural gas, or RNG, for use in the city’s vehicles that previously used compressed natural gas, or CNG. The City of Pensacola has 87 CNG vehicles in its fleet, including garbage trucks, recycling trucks, and Pensacola Energy crew service vehicles.

RNG is produced from natural decomposition of organic materials in landfills where the methane is captured and converted to pipeline quality RNG, displacing the use of fossil-based natural gas.

For 2023, this project moves the City of Pensacola 7.62% closer to its 30% renewable energy by 2030 goal. Next year, this project will represent 15.25% renewable energy usage for the City of Pensacola. Combined with 6.2% received from Florida Power and Light, this advances the city to an estimated 21.45% renewable energy by 2024 – a milestone of two-thirds of the way to the city’s 30% renewable energy goal with six years left to achieve it.

To learn more about the City of Pensacola’s environment and sustainability initiatives, visit the city’s online dashboard.

To learn more about Pensacola Energy, visit pensacolaenergy.com.