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New owners of Local Pulse are all up in their feeds

New owners of Local Pulse left to right: Jerold Hall, Lisa Long, Doug Jolly and Chris Phillips

Doug was sitting on the back porch with a bunch of friends this past week.

One of them announced loudly, “Dude, are you reading this thing called the Local Pulse? Somebody named Dana, she sounds just like Sean of the South. It is so good.”


He thought Luke was joking.  He thought Luke knew we were working on a new project.

I was standing in a coffee shop scrolling on my phone when I heard the two fellow caffeine lovers next to me discussing the fact that somebody wrote about Fort Pickens and Crab Island having a baby and naming it Fort McRee.  I walked out with a huge grin on my face and raised my coffee in the air while cheering the writing angels and Elli.

Chris has had a bundle of friends reach out and ask, “WHAT IS HAPPENING with the Local Pulse?”.

All the feedback has been music to our ears, the mint to our chocolate chip, the smell of springtime, and the cola to our coke.

We have spent the last thirty days testing our theory and research around the fact that what Pensacola needs is a “good news only” platform for people to land on when their digital trauma is elevating.  A trusted source that finds only the good in things, places, and people.

And the results surprised us.  You showed up.  You read and shared our good news stories, you clicked through to our website, and you asked how you could get involved.  It has been quite encouraging to the whole team.

So, here we go.

You will soon meet the rest of the team, Elli Gentile, Managing Editor, and Dana Hof, Lifestyle Editor.  You are going to LOVE them if you don’t already.

As we move onward, we look forward to hearing more from you on the good things happening in our city that you want to know more about or that you want to share with us.  You can reach us at news@localpulse.com.

Lastly, before we head into the weekend, we want to share our appreciation and gratitude for the teams at Hanto and Clarke General Contractors, Elebash Jewelry, KIA Autosport, and Centennial Bank for being our Founding Supporters and assisting in making this launch of good news possible!

Cheers to sharing many more good news stories,

Lisa Long, Partner

Doug Jolly, Partner, Jerold Hall, Partner and Chris Phillips, Partner