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National Good Samaritan Day

Photo by: Orange Beach Surf and Rescue

National Good Samaritan Day came and went on March 13 and we are having a belated celebration with an act of kindness that caught our eye in 2021 in a beach community not far from Pensacola.

On October 18, 2021 Orange Beach Surf Rescue posted this and we are still feeling all the feels years later.


“Lifeguards are public servants and we could not be happier to help provide this service. Ms. Dottie Schneider recently visited us here in Orange Beach at the age of 95 in hopes to enjoy the beach but was unable walk through the sand on her own.

Everyday for one week Lifeguards would meet Ms. Dottie and her family to help assist her down to her beach chairs then at days end escort her back to the condo. The family thanked us in return with a fridge full of food at the end of the week.”

Good Samaritan Day is a day to celebrate and encourage kindness and selflessness. The Orange Beach Surf and Rescue Team practice this everyday and we encourage you to too. Open the door for a stranger, tip a waitress a little extra, and smile at the next person you pass by on the street. Kindness is free.