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Bear Bowls and Beach Days

Have you ever heard the saying, “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation”? Well, it’s not true when you live in Pensacola. Especially if the vacation your ‘recovering’ from was Hawaii.

When I returned home from The North Shore last week after a month — yes a month — long holiday, my açaí bowl craving crossed the Pacific with me and I needed to figure out how to feed to this new habit of mine. I hopped in my car and drove over to the beach to this little shop I kept seeing pop up on my social accounts, Bear Fruit Bowls and Coffee. Located at the base of the Pensacola Fishing Pier, I knew this was going to make my post holiday blues no so blue.


If you haven’t had an açaí bowl, do yourself a favor and put it on the spring break agenda. I didn’t know how much this beautiful bowl of goodness meant to me until I spent a month starting my day with one. A walk on the beach and bowl filled with blended açaí and topped with all the good stuff ~ peanut butter, granola, fresh fruit, honey and whatever else your breakfast loving heart desires.

Opened by Ryan and Alexis Ford, Bear Fruit Bowls space is bright, comforting and the perfect place to unwind before or after a day in the sun. Classic beach house vibes and a super friendly staff — you immediately feel at home. I ordered my usual and decided to enjoy it while I walked the pier and watched the waves roll in.

As I focused on creating the best bite (this consists of a little bit of every topping in one spoonful) and watched the surfers I realized how wonderful Pensacola is to come home to. And I’m not just talking about the beautiful white sand beaches and emerald green waters, although that does help, I am also referring to the sense of community.

Local businesses owned by local families who genuinely want to serve their community, and Bear Fruit Bowls is no exception. See below a few pretty cool things they are doing that have caught my eye.

Calling All Pregnant Moms!

If you are expecting, Bear Fruit Bowls will give you the gift one 1 FREE quart of any base your cravings desire. Açaí, coconut, blue spirulina or dragon fruit — on them. Growing a baby is hard work and The Ford Family wants to treat you.

Pensacola Beach Yoga Discount

Attend a Pensacola Beach Yoga class starting on April 7th, and receive 10% off your Bear Fruit Bowl after class. Follow @pensacolabeachyoga on Instagram for class times.

Follow them on Social Media

Their social media accounts are full of positivity, stunning photos and support for their community. Their posts make me smile, including the one below.

“We love this beach community so much and we hope you feel like you’re home every time you walk in. We don’t just want to serve you an excellent product, we want to  serve you with heart and intentionality. Our purpose is you and our goal is to encourage you to live an abundant life and Bear Fruit!” — Bear Fruit Bowls

John 15:1-17

Thank you Bear Fruit Bowls for making coming home so sweet!