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Forget Tattoos, It’s Time to Get Welded

Tik Tok is trending in Pensacola with the requests from teen girls, Moms and their BFFs, and families that are wanting to commemorate a moment by choosing a piece of permanent jewelry to wear.

Permanent jewelry is just what it sounds like – jewelry that you can’t take off and is permanently welded with a micro laser.


For people like me, it is the solution to losing a piece of sentimental jewelry or having to ask a co-worker to clasp a bracelet shut.

So, what makes this trend a lock?  This past summer, Catbird in New York was booking 80 to 100 appointments per day for the forever bracelets and has seen continued growth since videos of the welding technique went viral.

In Pensacola, the team at Elebash Jewelry makes the process super easy and stress free. They help in deciding how you want the bracelet to fit and customize to your wrist.  Once they measure the length of the bracelet, and help you choose the style you want, then the welding begins.

The welding itself doesn’t create an open flame, so it is safe to have the process completed.

My first question for the Elebash team, as a non-recovered claustrophobic was what if someone needs an MRI and is required to remove all jewelry?

Their answer was reassuring. You can carefully snap it off with scissors, and when ready, they will weld it again for a small fee.

As someone that travels, I also wondered about TSA. What I found is that the jewelry the TSA is concerned about would be “big and bulky”.  What is excluded is fine jewelry – meaning these strands of gold are good to fly.

Elebash Jewelers is located at 36 Palafox Place, Pensacola. They offer a curated selection of fine 14k white and yellow gold chains, as well as sterling silver chains to choose from.  Book an appt here: https://bit.ly/LocalPulsePermanentJewelry

Lisa Long Lyter

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