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Residents at Milton Apartment complex unable to park on property

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What locals may know as the Emerald Sands Inn, is now under new ownership and has changed its name to  Playa Blanca Apartments. On Monday, October 10th, Playa Blanca posted a written notice informing residents of an asphalt work being done over the course of Thursday the 13, until Friday the 14th, “or until the job is completed.”   This essentially means that residents are not allowed to have their cars parked on the parking lot while it is being repaved. The issue, however, is there no alternative options were suggested or given on where to park resident vehicles. Other parking locations, shuttle services to vehicles, or any other means of remediation were not provided.


A visit to Playa Blanca last week showed us the property, and work had not yet begun on Thursday.


If residents park on the property, their cars will be towed. Ownership has stated they will do this for an indeterminate amount of time.

Residents are extremely unhappy and many have already had their cards towed.  “We were told that we have to just find any place nearby that will allow our cars to stay there. Which hasn’t been easy,” one resident explained.



Residents are approaching businesses within walking distance since most residents will have to drive to work. This can cause an extreme inconveience on residents, especially those who carry equipment, have children or who had issues with physical mobility.

Several residents have also reached out to request an investigation after suffering a terrible wood roach infestation in their apartments, which they say has not been addressed by ownership and is “only getting worse.”


The Emerald Sands Inn is now “Playa Blanca Apartments” and located in Milton.


These apartments allegedly have a severe wood roach infestation as well.


Playa Blanca could not be reached for comment