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New Escambia County District Lines Effective Dec. 7, 2021

Image from Escambia County Community and Media Relations

Escambia County’s new district lines are in effect as of Dec. 7, 2021 after the ordinance was filed in Tallahassee earlier in the day. The Escambia County Board of County Commissioners voted to pass the proposed redistricting map at the BCC meeting on Dec. 2. Commissioners are required to review district boundary lines every 10 years following the latest census data. Click here to view the new Escambia County commission districts map.


Based on data collected from the 2020 census, total population for Escambia County is 321,905. The total voting age population (VAP) is 258,145. The new map allows for a population of 61,909 in District 1; 66,316 in District 2; 62,652 in District 3; 67,553 in District 4; and 63,475 in District 5.

Per special act, the new district lines also apply to the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) Board and the Escambia County School District Board. The school board will meet on Dec. 14 to discuss the new district lines as they pertain to county schools.

The Board of County Commissioners held two special joint meetings with the Escambia County School Board: one on Oct. 5, 2021, and the other on Nov. 2, 2021. At these meetings, the boards discussed potential redistricting plans and allowed for public comment. The BCC then scheduled a Special Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Nov. 9, 2021, where the redistricting discussion continued. A public hearing to adopt the new district boundaries was scheduled for Dec. 2, 2021, at 5:35 p.m.

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