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Local couple has one of Apple’s favorite apps

A pair of Pensacola natives have found success after a nutrition app they created his soared in popularity.


Created by husband-and-wife team Marcus and Maria Vlahovic, Nutritrack is a nutrition tracking app that can uniquely count both macro and micronutrients.

The Vlahovics wanted to create an app that meets the individual interests of the consumer, ranging anywhere from a person with an extreme exercise regimen, to a person with more specific needs, like Marcus, who has an intolerance to gluten.

Marcus Vlahovic, co-creator of Nutritrack

“Nutritrack shows you what micronutrients are in your food and gives you suggestions that you actually need to help prevent nutritional deficiencies and help you eat healthier,” Marcus said.

The app was not only created by Pensacolians, it was built right in the heart of Pensacola’s historic downtown.

After learning about The Stables, a shared workspace on Guillemard Street that offered the couple convenience of an office-like environment and time flexibility, the pair got to work.

With space to work, the Vlahovics got busy designing and developing Nutritrack in the summer of 2017. Throughout the process, the couple was adamant about learning exactly what would allow their nutrition app to stand out from the rest, and that they did.

Maria Vlahovic, co-creator of Nutritrack

Nutritrack is fully customizable to one’s diet, lifestyle and weight-loss goals. It also enables a consumer to understand why it’s important for their well-being to get each nutrient suggested. Individuals can track calories, carbs, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and even seek healthy food recommendations and recipes. A smorgasbord of nutritional tools, engineered by a millennial couple whose desire to bring a lifestyle of wellness to the masses is equally important as their own personal health goals.

Looking to expand, the couple took their creation from Florida to California. But, Maria admited, “it doesn’t necessarily matter where you are, especially in the software field.”

After one year across the country, and seeing their first profitable month through, the two decided to come back to Pensacola to focus more on consumer needs and less on the technical aspects.

Upon launching their project last March, the app has reached 30,000 downloads and was named one of Apple’s “new apps we love.” Though Marcus and Maria are familiar with success, they admit that before this endeavor, they swung and missed before finally finding their sweet spot.

Before Nutritrack, The Vlahovics created and launched their first app that was available for about one year.

“That was more of a learning experience, where we could learn about how apps and the App Store work, and it really helped us hone in and create Nutritrack,” Maria said.

The young pair’s dream has rapidly come to fruition. Ultimately, it was never about creating an average product that would merely blend in with the rest of the competition, but now more than ever, they are envisioning a goal of top-10 status.

When asked what advice he would offer to any aspiring entrepreneur, Marcus’ answer was rather simple; “Keep trying. If something you were doing isn’t working, change it and try again.”