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Myers endorses Robinson for Pensacola mayor

Pensacola city councilwoman Sherri Myers. (The Pulse/Derek Cosson)

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers on Monday formally endorsed Grover Robinson as her choice to be Pensacola’s next mayor. The endorsement didn’t come as a surprise, as Myers contributed $100 to Robinson’s campaign last December.


“I am honored to announce my enthusiastic and unequivocal support for Grover Robinson for Mayor of the City of Pensacola,” said Myers. “The office of the mayor is the single most important elected position in the City of Pensacola. Under the present strong mayor form of government the person who is elected to the position of mayor will have the power to impact the lives of every city and county citizen.”

Current mayor Ashton Hayward announced earlier this year he would not seek a third term. Robinson, who has served on the Escambia County Commission for the past 12 years, is facing five opponents: Drew Buchanan, Jonathan Green, David Mayo, Lawrence Powell, and Brian Spencer.

In a statement, Myers said that her district — comprised of the Cordova commercial area and other uptown neighborhoods — has been ignored by the Hayward’s office and her fellow city council members.

“Grover Robinson is a friend to District 2,” Myers said. “While city officials have ignored the needs of District 2, Grover Robinson has stepped up to fill the void, time and time again. Grover worked with the county to get sidewalks on Sanders Street so school kids walking, skating, and biking could have a safe route to three public schools. When residents of the Parker Circle Neighborhood begged the Mayor and City Council for help getting sidewalks and improved drainage on Burgess Road, residents were ignored. However, Grover Robinson stepped up and got a live-saving four-way stop at Burgess and Sanders Street. Grover got the county to commit funds for sidewalks on Burgess Road.”


Myers also pointed to Robinson’s work on behalf of Carpenter’s Creek.

“When environmentalist and concerned citizens submitted a project idea to use BP oil funds to help restore Carpenter’s Creek that feeds into Bayou Texar, Grover stepped up and selected the Carpenter Creek/Bayou Texar project to receive millions of dollars in RESTORE Funds,” Myers said. “When the 8.5 acre head waters of Carpenter’s Creek was for sale by private owners eager to sell to private developers, Grover stepped up and got the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners to purchase the land to preserve it forever for the use and enjoyment of the people of Escambia County and the city.”

The six candidates for mayor will face off in a nonpartisan August 28 primary. If no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the top two candidates will continue on to the November 6 general election.