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Santa Rosa to hold public meetings on Comp Plan Update

Santa Rosa County planners are asking for public input as the county’s Comprehensive Plan is updated. The Comprehensive Plan is an official public document adopted by the Santa Rosa County Commission that sets forth the county’s policies and guides decision-making related to the physical development of the county. Four community meetings are scheduled to give the public an opportunity to provide input on how they would like to see their community shaped in the future:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 9 at noon, Navarre Visitor Center, 8543 Navarre Pkwy.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 6 p.m., Chumuckla Community Center located at 2355 Highway 182
  • Thursday, Oct. 1 at 6 p.m., Tiger Point Community Center, 1370 Tiger Park Ln.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 6 p.m., Santa Rosa County Commission Meeting Room, 6495 Caroline St.

Santa Rosa has had a Comprehensive Plan since 1990 and this project represents the second major revision since its original adoption. It is formulated in broad terms and creates the framework for future implementation, such as parcel-specific zoning or the design of infrastructure projects. The purpose of this document is to evaluate existing conditions and adequately plan for future expansion related to projected growth rates. The revision will extend the life of the plan to 2045 with the following goals:

  • Incorporate changes in state level planning requirements. In 2011, the Florida Legislature made significant changes to the minimum requirements for local government comprehensive plans found in Chapter 163, Florida Statutes and the repealed Rule 9J-5 of the Florida Administrative Code where much of the specific comprehensive planning requirements were found. This has created more flexibility for local governments to adopt more locally relevant plans.
  • Removal of outdated references, repetitive or meaningless policies, including a significant update to the plan’s supporting documentation.
  • Introduce a framework that allows the county to plan by areas, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to county planning. It includes planning separately for individual geographic areas, such as the north end, Pace, Milton, East Milton, south end and Navarre Beach, which will make the plan more meaningful and locally-focused.

The process of revising the plan includes recommendations by the zoning board, state agency review, and final review and adoption by the Santa Rosa County Commission. For more information contact Kristen Shell at kristens@santarosa.fl.gov or (850) 981-1816.