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One month out from Red, White and Blues!

Photo by Visit Pensacola

It’s like Pensacola’s version of Christmas in July — Red, White and Blues Week featuring the Pensacola Beach Air Show is just four weeks away!


Locals and visitors from all over look forward to the annual Pensacola Beach Air Show held in the summer. The show highlights our hometown heroes — the Blue Angels — the U. S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron stationed at Forrest Sherman Field aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola.

The Blues hold several practice sessions along the beach in the days leading up to the big event on show day. Here’s the schedule you need to have in your calendar.

Kicking off the air show week is “Breakfast with the Blues,” on Wednesday, July 10, at 8:00 a.m. when the Blue Angels arrive and circle overhead to mark the show’s coordinates and center points along Pensacola Beach.

On Thursday, July 11, at 2 p.m., the Blue Angels hold a full practice show over Pensacola Beach.

Friday, July 12, is the Pensacola Beach Air Show dress rehearsal where flight demonstrations and civilian aerobatic performances begin at approximately noon, with the Blue Angels overhead at 2 p.m.

Saturday, July 13, marks the official Pensacola Beach Air Show, and follows exactly Friday’s dress rehearsal schedule.

After the conclusion of the air show, when it’s time to pack up and leave, the Santa Rosa Island Authority would like to remind the public: Please Leave Only Your Footprints Behind! For the safety and enjoyment of all Pensacola Beach visitors and the preservation of the island’s flora and fauna, please take all that you came with and help keep our beach clean.