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Dress to Not Impress at Grandmas

Although I am a firm believer in taking time to get dressed and put yourself and your outfit together, there is certainly a point when this becomes too much work. I am currently on a plane ride coming home from Pennsylvania. My boyfriend and I flew up last Thursday to meet his family at his Grandmother’s house. A few days before this trip I spent a weekend in NYC for a girl’s trip. Both amazing, but these two trips couldn’t have been more different, and it made me realize something… It is so nice to not have a care in the world about what you are gonna wear or look like on a trip to Grandma’s house. 


One of the most liberating aspects of these visits is that there’s no need to curate each outfit I wear. Unlike social gatherings or city life, where the right outfit can feel like a prerequisite for acceptance, Grandma’s house welcomes you exactly as you are. There’s no fancy clothes or meticulously styled hairdos. Instead, comfort reigns supreme—whether it’s in well-worn jeans or cozy sweaters that hold memories of past visits.

Packing for Grandmas:

What to pack for a river week at grandmas: For water activities… bring your comfiest swimsuit that is most likely 5-10 years old for days by the pool or kayaking in the river, the ugliest water shoes you can find at home (because who cares and it’s practical for the river). Depending how many days you are going “off the grid” you need those old athletic shorts you would never normally wear out in public and your big comfy t-shirts (holes and tears welcome and appreciated). Absolutely zero makeup, and no hair tools. Use this relaxing time to give your skin a break from foundations, your lashes a break from mascara, and your hair a break from damaging hot tools. Take this time to embrace your natural beauty because no one is going to care if you have makeup on whilst reading on the porch, having a morning cup of coffee on the couch, playing games with your relatives, or sharing a home cooked meal at the old dining table! Packing for grandmas should take no more than 10 minutes… there is no one to impress and no fear of being judged. This is a rare time to only focus on family and disconnecting from the expectations of others! Grandma and Grandpa will think you are the best thing since sliced bread regardless of what you look like. Visiting family and getting the chance to lay eyes on your grandparents is such a fleeting privilege that I encourage you to be 100% present for. We should aim all of our focus on them. 

P.s while we are on the topic, if you are blessed enough to have grandparents, call them! Call them as much as you can. It makes their day to hear from you. 

So, here’s to Grandma’s house in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania—a place where fancy outfits are replaced by pajamas, and the only impressions that matter are the ones we make on our loved ones. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for celebrating us as we are, we love you dearly!

XOXO, Macey Hicks