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A Pet Lovers Guide to Buying a Home

Are you having a hard time finding a home you love that also suits all your pet’s needs? Well, that probably just means you’re a good pet parent! As a realtor on The Zimmern Team and a pet parent myself, I run into this question on a regular basis. For example, look at Benjamin in the video above who needs a big enough kitchen sink at the right height to properly quench his thirst.


The good news is that you’re not alone! Does it make things a little more tough to be considering yet another need (or 7 if you’re an animal rescuer like me) when looking for a new home? Of course! But, us pet parents tend to say “we wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Surveys have been done that show 75% of pet owners won’t buy the home if it doesn’t meet their pets needs. It’s not really surprising how much people adore their pets — they’re part of the family, after all!

And what about those of us that end up with unplanned babies? Those rescues can be a little more needy after we’ve spoiled them to the point of no return after saving them from unfriendly homes. We just can’t say no to them!

So what should you prioritize when looking for you and your fur babies fur-ever homes? Check off these seven things to accommodate you and your pup’s dream home.

1. Pet friendly neighborhoods — Being in a neighborhood that is accepting of dogs takes the lead. To enjoy neighborhood walks and even make other fur friends in the hood is the ultimate goal! A lot of developments are including dog parks in the neighborhoods and this makes everything even better.

2. Pet-friendly built-in home features — that make the parents life easier… fenced in yards, doggy doors, built in pet washing stations and so many more new trendy accommodations are popping up daily.

3. Safety — Peace of mind is everything. Being off the busy roads or at least having fencing protection to keep your pet in its safe place is worth every penny. If you hate the look of fences but want to keep a boundary up for your pets, look into the invisible fences for them.

4. Impact on property value — With 75% of pet owners not buying if it doesn’t suit their pets needs, you could hold the golden ticket to $$ seeing as they value those specific features and upgrades so heavily.

5. Space — We need space! I don’t know about you all, but part of the reason I say my pets need space is because I need space. If you have multiple pets, then there’s no such thing as “too much yard”.

6. The outdoors — With loving a good yard space, we also love some nice curb appeal but have to be mindful of the poisonous/toxic plants and flowers. Noting what they are and also what they attract, it’s important to be cautious of the landscaping in our pets surroundings. There’s an app for that!

The good news about being one of us pet parents is that you’re not the only one! Knowing that so many others highly consider their pets needs when shopping for a new home, assures us that we won’t have a shortage of pet friendly homes anytime soon!

Sarah Grace Lykins

Residential Real Estate Agent

The Zimmern Team

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