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A Dad’s Dream Day, Inspired by Dads

Dads play such an important role and it’s only fair that we spin our wheels to make sure they feel honored on their dedicated day. As mothers, co-parents, significant others, and daughters, we women will go above and beyond to make sure the dads in our lives feel valued as the father/father figure/dog dad that he is.


Am I right?!

Dads are known to be the protector and provider of the family. The guy who will knock out a front tooth for you, or get down on their hands and knees to fix a leaky pipe. Dad will do the fixing while we are busy doing the unhinging.

It’s important to remember that men and women are wired differently. We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for a reason. If we were the same, we could combine the holiday to be “Parent’s Day”. However, that is not the case.

As women, we may be able to manage moods, clean the house, juggle 238 ideas at a time, and still keep a smile on our faces. However, we often times overthink the desires of a dad’s dream day when Father’s Day comes around.

This year, I decided to do some groundwork and poll a few dads in all different seasons to find out what their dream day would look like. The responses speak for themselves and make for a good benchmark on how to best honor our dads on their special day.

“Wake up with a cup of coffee and play some mancala with my boys. It’s sunny, 76 degrees, the water temp is the same, not a cloud in the sky, no jellyfish, no seaweed. Waves are chest to head high with a ground swell. I surf and have pub subs on the beach all day. The beach is only packed with family and friends. Sushi dinner served on the beach as the sun is setting watching my boys boogie board in the shore break.”


“Go fishing solo, maybe that’s selfish? But I don’t think it is. The man is supposed to work/bring home the bacon/care for the family. One day a year I have a right to not be responsible and that’s Father’s Day.”


“Hmm, a dreamy dad day definitely consists of some tasty waves, sunshine, and the sound of the kiddos laughing with a side of steak.”


“My dream day would be a cup of coffee brought to me in bed followed by buy-in from everyone to work on house projects together. Install the new faucet? Let’s do it, Dad! Garden and fix up the yard? We’d love to, Dad! Grill and chill out with the family and maybe get a foot rub to close out the day.”


“Banana walnut pancakes in bed, morning surf/alone time with God, come back to a beach day with the fam, family surf, fishing, and sandcastles together. Pubs subs for lunch at the beach, an afternoon nap, and watching a game of soccer together. Easy bedtime routine.”


“Shoulder high, long period groundswell with offshore winds. And I’m ripping!!”


“My dream day would probably be to get up and play golf in the morning with my son and sons-in-law. Maybe a nice brunch after golf. And then spend the rest of the day with my wife, kids, and grandchild at our house, hanging out and maybe swimming. Water activities and pickleball! Have a nice dinner all together at the house and not have to get up to go to work on Monday.”


“Do I want to go to the office, mow the lawn, or clean the garage on Father’s Day? NOPE. Do I want to fix a leaky faucet, unclog a drain, or replace any of the never-ending stream of blown lights? Rather not. But, do I mind firing up the Big Green Egg, throwing some delectable meats from the Butcher Shoppe over the glow, and kicking back while my family splashes in the pool? Absolutely not.

There’s a difference between the work we do to make our families/home run, and the “work” we do to show those we love the most that they are the most important thing in the world to us. So there you go, I want my family at home. Shoot they can bring their friends. I’m gonna cook ’cause I want to. I GET to be a dad, and it’s the greatest gift this side of heaven.”


“My dream day would be to receive a text from my adult children while I’m enjoying a 20-mile bicycle ride. I really want to be left alone, since I know half my kids are busy being dads themselves.”


“My dream day would be a family get-together at my house with my wife and all of my kids and grandkids. I just want to be surrounded by the people I love the most. An afternoon nap would be awesome.”


“Easy. Dream day would be a beach day. Home-cooked breakfast, out the door by 9 AM, at the beach before 10 AM, 2 PM lunch at Paradise with a bushwhacker and a burger. Finish is off with sunset on the bayou and then steaks on the grill. Throw in some surf and I’m in heaven.”


To summarize a Dad’s desire: self-time, pub subs, steaks, surfing, and spending quality time with the family.

Next time you are stuck planning for Father’s Day or wondering what on earth to get the man in your life that has “everything”, I’d recommend going straight to the source. You may be surprised at how simple (or detailed) the perfect day may be.

Happy Father’s Day to all the real MVP’s out there. A big thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into being the man of the house.

Local Pulse Staff Writer, Makenna Curtis

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