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Macey’s Blue Jean Blueprint

If I had to pick one item from my closet I couldn’t live without, it would hands down be my denim jeans. Whether you are into fashion or not, denim is something everyone can appreciate. You can’t tell me when you try on the perfect fitting denim it doesn’t completely brighten your day! Because the material is such a closet staple, let’s talk about it. I’m going to tell you how to choose it and where to buy it.


I’ve learned more about denim than I ever thought I would throughout my time in the fashion industry, but it’s turned out to be super necessary! The first thing you need to know is that there is a difference between real denim and “fake” denim.

Real denim is 100% cotton. To create stretch denim acrylic is added to cotton creating that “jegging vibe”. When shopping for denim you want real denim with no extra additives. “But Macey, what if I want my denim to feel super soft and pajama-like?” Well, while most true denim is stiff, softness can most certainly be achieved in 100% cotton denim. Many denim brands can create buttery soft denim by a process called ‘pre-washing’. While some pre-washing is done with chemicals, ideally we want jeans that have been more “traditionally” treated. To achieve this luxury feel, ‘raw’ (unwashed and untreated) denim is put through the spin cycle a bazillion times before ever reaching your body. 

Another tip for your denim search, if you’re looking for luxury, is to lean towards Japanese manufacturing. Luxury Japanese denim is made through more time-consuming traditional techniques using cotton that tends to be more finely milled. This creates a more bespoke product. This also means that high-quality Japanese denim is prone to stretching 1-1.5 sizes with continued wear. Keep that in mind! American denim, and denim sourced from other places can still be high quality but is usually manufactured in a more mass-produced setting.

My favorite quick and easy indicator of quality is to check if the jeans are using a YKK zipper. If they are willing to spend the money on good hardware, they are probably making good jeans.

Bottom line – when you’re on the hunt for good quality denim, make sure it is:

1) 100% cotton Pre-washed (if you’re looking for comfort)

2) Isn’t too thin (for longevity)

3) Is the right size (be aware of tendency to stretch or ‘bag out’)

Now that we have a general idea of what makes denim worth buying, let’s get into style and fit.

Every season we see a new ‘viral’ denim trend. While trends can be fun, I would not recommend building your denim capsule around fast fashion. From barrel, balloon, or ultra lowrise, I inevitably find myself going back to the basics. Here are 3 styles that are the perfect foundation for your denim collection.

1) A pair of medium wash, mid-high rise, straight leg vintage Levis are a long time classic for a reason. I found my favorite pair in Rocket to Saturn Vintage on Palafox Street! It’s no surprise that when most people think of denim, they think of the iconic Levi Strauss. Originally created for the ‘working man’ A-list celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Jennifer Anniston, and countless others are known for sporting this brand. Need I say more?


2) In my opinion, denim gets a bad rap for being too casual. A pair of straight leg mid rise dark wash (or black) jeans, when used correctly, can be very elegant and elevated. These are the perfect “going out” or “date night” denim choice. Throw on a pair of pointy toed sling-backs, a silk cami, and an oversized black blazer- always chic!

3) Alright, now let’s have some fun with a wide leg floor length pair with a low-mid rise. The bigger the better! Great with a wedge or a pointy toed flat. Nothing says “I’m with it” like throwing on a baggy pair of jeans. Don’t be afraid! This is modern, fresh, and a look for everyone.

My top denim brands at different price points (besides Levis):

My top three luxury denim picks are R13, Moussy, and Anine Bing. Also a shout out to the ridiculously expensive but worth every penny The Danielle Jean by the designer KHAITE. You might think I am insane for the price tag and you would be 100% correct! But for me this pair of denim is pure magic.

My contemporary denim selections are AMO, GRLFRND , and Agolde, with an honorary mention to my newfound love Still Here Denim. Most of these brands can be found at our very own Gray Boutique located on Palafox St. 

Last, and certainly not least, are my more affordable denim picks. Rollas, Madewell, and Abercrombie. Do not sacrifice quality and comfort when shopping for denim. There are so many brands out there that make high-quality denim for reasonable price tags! 

*One final thing before I go. Do NOT ruin your good quality denim by overwashing. Wash minimally, and spot clean as needed. But, if you need to machine wash, remember to set it to delicates. I hope this article helps you make all your denim dreams come true!

XOXO -Macey Hicks