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Who Writes the Best Thank You Notes in Pensacola?

Beautiful and unexpected thank you flowers from my husband, ECSO Chief Deputy Tommi Lyter.

Thank you. Two of the most magical words.


Known to make those who use them healthier, able to maintain good friendships, reduce their stress, and flood their bodies with the good stuff: endorphins.

Who writes a thank you note that once you read it, leaves you feeling like the best version of yourself?

Doug Conant is one of those people.  He was the CEO of Campbell Soup from 2001 – 2011 and he penned over 30,000 handwritten thank-you notes to his team during that tenure.  Yes, an average of 10 thank you notes per day was documented in the history of the soup company that turned their business around and upright.

Read more about the Doug here. 

Who does it BEST in Pensacola?  Who writes thank you notes that encourage you to repeat the behavior that garnered the note in the first place? And the note leaves you feeling like a million bucks?

Here is my take:

#1 Laurie Rodgers, Executive Director, PACE Center for Girls

There is no one better at writing a thank you note than Laurie Rodgers. Her notes are filled with exclamation points, bolded letters, and examples of how your kindness is impacting her, her team, and her students.

Her expressions of gratitude deepen the connection that she has with the recipient because she is specific in how your gift made everyone feel.

#2 Quint Studer, Co-Founder and Partner, Healthcare Plus Solutions Group and Owner of Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Quint Studer doesn’t require much sleep.  Because he has a few more hours in a day than most, he can easily host a two-hour training for the leadership of a hospital, read a few chapters in the latest book he is reading, return a couple of calls, drop by Studer Community Institute for a mentoring session, meet Rishy for a cup of coffee at Bodacious and then swing by the Blue Wahoos game before heading home.

He intentionally carves time every week to seek out who needs a word of thanks.

Quint sees people.  He observes the good that they are accomplishing.  He takes mental stock of other’s achievements.  And he is quick to put pen to paper and hand write a thank you note making sure you know how appreciative he is for your efforts in improving the quality of life in Pensacola.

It’s the sincerity of his sign-off that gets me.  If he is your friend and even an acquaintance, he is not afraid to share the depth of his appreciation. Some end their notes with “warmest regard” or “heartfelt appreciation”, which show genuine warmth.

Quint closes with a signoff that reminds you of your value and worth. He chooses a sign-off that you won’t soon forget.

He tells you he loves you.

#3 MeMe Mathis Smith, Owner, Pediatric Therapy Center NWFL and mother to my friend, Alex Smith

I met MeMe on the D.C. Reeves for Mayor campaign trail. Her son Alex Smith was the campaign manager and is now the Special Assistant to Mayor D.C. Reeves.

Since that time, I have received several handwritten thank-you notes from MeMe.

Because she understands the importance of gratitude. And she conveys it sincerely. It shines through her words.

And, she values relationships – especially with her sons.

So when you assist her son on a project, give counsel on a subject he has asked for, and support him in his decisions, she is quick to pop in the mail a note sharing how much she appreciates you for loving her family well.

MeMe’s secret power?  Her charming, elegant, thoughtful thank-you notes.

Laurie, Quint, and MeMe have inspired me on a 100-day challenge of writing 100 thank you notes.

I’ve ordered more personalized stationery.  I bought several new pens that I like. I invested in stamps.

So don’t be surprised if you get a thank you note from me soon.  I appreciate you and want you to know it.


Lisa Long Lyter, Partner and Editor in Chief, Local Pulse