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Things to Do: Ellen’s Art Studio

With Spring Break still underway, Ellen’s Art Studio in Gulf Breeze is a fun, affordable activity that’s inside!  


With pre-designed art kits, it’s simple for anyone to create something unique and beautiful!

You can drop in Ellen’s Art Studio to paint or shop Monday through Saturday from 10:30 – 5, but I highly recommend calling ahead to reserve a spot at the table. The studio is located at 1265 Oriole Beach Road. 

If you’re staying to paint in the studio, you’ll be happy to know Ellen is on hand to help you pick colors or answer questions. She has years of art experience and is kind and welcoming. 

There are a variety of designs like the Pensacola Beach ball, mermaids, flowers, seahorses and turtles, butterflies, and much more. With specialty paints mixed by Ellen, there’s a plethora of colors to choose from. 

The techniques are easy enough for littles, but engaging enough for teenagers and adults. Regardless of the age, everyone loves it! Some participants don’t come willingly, but end up being the most engaged and proud of their finished pieces.

After you’ve painted your kit, you can choose embellishments to add texture to your piece, and for an additional fee, cover it with epoxy for a glassy finish. 

If you cannot stay and paint or are looking for a creative gift idea, Ellen keeps ready-to-go kits, which are wonderful for at-home fun, birthday presents, Easter baskets, or sick day blues. 

Ellen’s is great for a party or a time to connect one-on-one. The gift shop has affordable and unique gift options, including thoughtful pocket hearts and ornaments. 

Ellen Mcgaughey was a local muralist before opening the studio and gift shop 18 years ago. Her art has been featured on posters for the Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts Festival and the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival.

For more information check out https://www.ellensartkits.com/. To schedule a time to paint, call 850-736-1658.

Ellen’s gets my Locally Loved Seal of Approval! 

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