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A community that paints together, stays together

From murals, to sculptures, to pelicans, it’s no secret that Pensacola’s art scene is unmatchable. Every week it feels like there is a new mural on every corner of the cityscape begging to be your photo back drop. While we have featured quite a few murals and mural artists on Local Pulse, this one is a little different.


The most recent Pensacola mural by Eniko Ujj is different because she not only collaborated with fellow muralist, Patrick Quesadilla (Patty), but she invited the community to collaborate, pick up a paint brush and help her complete the mural.

Eniko started her mural at From The Ground Up Community Garden on the inside of the garden on a shipping container that serves as the back wall to the garden. On the other side of the shipping containers, the sides that face the Blake Doyle Skatepark, her and Patty collaborated and got the communtiy involved. The garden likes to call the murals on the skate side ‘the gardens gift to the skaters in order to build commUNITY.’

After hearing about the mural community project, I decided to head out to the garden and help Eniko finish the last side of the mural which was completed over the weekend. I joined Eniko and some other volunteers to finish the black and white checkers — I was grateful for an easy part!

“Anyone and everyone has been invited to come join in painting the mural, no experience needed,” said Eniko. “The best part of this mural has definitely been getting to know more people in the arts community, but also creating someone for our community and skatepark.”

From UWF students to skaters at the skatepark, this mural has been successful in bringing all walks of life together and adding some color and life to the ever growing skatepark and garden.

Eniko Ujj is originally from Hungary, but has been native to Pensacola since she was 10 years old. She began painting murals in 2020 after making the transition from the hospitality world. You can find her work all over Pensacola at The Daily Squeeze, UWF, Emerald Coast Bread Co., Alga Beer Co., and plenty more local Pensacola businesses.

My aim with mural painting is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places. I’ve always admired murals for their potential for inclusiveness and accessibility. They are available for anyone who wants to enjoy them and can reinvigorate neighborhoods and communities, bringing color and life and joy to places and things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I have focused on crisp line-work and bold/bright complementary colors to make the work pop and be noticeable even from afar.” — Eniko Ujj

Read more about Eniko and where you can find her work on her website and don’t forget to head over to From the Ground Up Community Garden to check out our most recent masterpiece.

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