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Top 5 lighthearted, binge-worthy shows

Hey Pensacola, there’s a storm brewing, school is cancelled tomorrow and it’s recommended we all stay indoors. While you are keeping safe and checking your phone often for weather updates, here is a list of some light-hearted, anti-anxiety inducing shows to watch while you hunker down.


If you know me, you might know I am kind of a tv junkie — I love everything from classic sitcoms, documentaries, reality tv, cooking shows and more. So, in no particular order, here is a list of my recent watches.

Loudermilk — Netflix

I just started this show and it is cracking me up! Sam Loudermilk is a recovering alcoholic and substance-abuse counselor with a bad attitude. Although he has his drinking under control, Loudermilk discovers that when your life is a mess, getting clean is the easy part.

Shrinking — Apple TV

Who doesn’t love Jason Segel? You will adore him even more after this series. Segel plays a grieving therapist or ‘shrink’ who starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge changes to people’s lives – including his own.

Seinfeld — Netflix

A nineties and American classic! Finding myself unable to rewatch Friends post Matthew Perry, I gave Seinfeld a chance. While I had seen a handful of episodes, I had never watched it start to finish. All I can say is even with George Costanza’s extreme, undesirable behavior, there’s still room to appreciate and love his eccentric behavior. Why? He’s relatable.

Leo — Netflix

Yes, it’s a movie (not a show) and an an animated movie at that, but it is so funny and contains some seriously good life lessons. A 74-year-old lizard named Leo, voiced by Adam Sandler and his turtle friend, voice by Bill Burr, decide to escape from the terrarium of a Florida school classroom where they have been living for decades. This movie will have whole family giggling.

Jury Duty — Amazon Prime 

When I read the premise of the show I was confused and, to be honest, not very interested. One episode in and that all changed. It follows the workings of an American jury trial through the eyes of Ronald Gladden (who you can’t help but fall in love with) a juror who is unaware the entire case is fake. Everyone except him is an actor, and everything that happens is carefully planned.

Stay safe Pensacola and happy watching.