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Perdido Key Multi-Use Path Providing Better Connectivity

Escambia County is continuing progress on the eastern portion of the Perdido Key Multi-Use Path, which is already providing bicyclists and pedestrians with easier and safer connectivity through Perdido Key.


Approximately 2 miles of the 8-foot-wide paved path have been completed along the north side of Perdido Key Drive, with the remaining 2.2 miles expected to be completed by fall 2024. The path will ultimately connect to the previously completed western portion, allowing bicyclists and pedestrians to easily travel 6.5 miles along the path from the Florida-Alabama state line to the Theo Baars Bridge.

“Perdido Key is such a beautiful area to get outside and explore, and this multi-use path is making it easier and safer than ever for residents and visitors to enjoy the area’s natural beauty,” District 1 Commissioner Jeff Bergosh said. “The completed portions of the multi-use path are already being well-used every day by pedestrians and bicyclists, and I’m excited to see the completed project connect even more people with the many local businesses, attractions, and recreational opportunities that Perdido Key has to offer.”

The Perdido Key Multi-Use Path was identified as a priority in the Perdido Key Master Plan, along with the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization’s 2018-2022 Pedestrian/Bicycle Master Plans.

The multi-use path is designed for pedestrians and bicycles, with motorized vehicles prohibited. The completed portion of the eastern section of the Perdido Key Multi-Use Path can be accessed at River Road near the Theo Baars Bridge, running south before following Perdido Key Drive west for approximately 2 miles. The western portion of the path runs approximately 2.3 miles eastward from the Florida-Alabama state line.

This project aims to provide better connectivity along Perdido Key, while providing opportunities for alternative means of transportation such as walking or biking. With the completion of the Perdido Key Multi-Use Path, residents and visitors can more easily access and travel between residential, commercial and recreational areas throughout Perdido Key.

The Perdido Key Multi-Use Path project also includes an extensive wildlife mitigation program to protect critical habitat for endangered species.

For more information about the eastern section of the Perdido Key Multi-Use Path currently under construction, please visit the Escambia County website. To view information about active projects throughout Escambia County, visit MyEscambia.com/projects.