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Eclectic Grandpa, Inchstones & Groovy Nuptials

Photo By: Pinterest

Grab your cardigans, dust off your camping gear and raid Aunt Carol’s closet because 2024 has loads of new trends in store according to a Pinterest predictions reportWith a new year comes new fads and fascinations and 2024 is not holding back and has a little something for every generation.


482 million people use Pinterest to plan what’s next in their lives; their next home, their next meal, their next trip. That gives Pinterest unique insight into the future—what’s going to be really big, really soon. Each year the website analyzes billions of searches on its website and uses machine-learning-backed predictive methodology to identify patterns and predict the trends in its annual report. It’s your guide to what people will shop, try and buy next. “Over the past four years, 80% of our predicted trends came true,” the image-sharing and social media site said.

Here’s a few of our favorites…


Blue beauty — Aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever. In 2024, Gen Z and Millennials will find new ways to incorporate this 60s staple into their modern beauty routines.

Head to Glow Bodycare will have a major moment in 2024. Boomers and Gen Z will double down on luxury lotions and in-home spa experiences.


Groovy Nuptials — 70s-inspired weddings will make a serious comeback this year. From disco decor to bohemian bachelorettes, Boomers and Millennials are behind this retro-inspired return to the dance floor.


Jazz Revival — This year, Millennials and Gen Z will trade in their electronic beats 
for something far more retro: 
vintage jazz. Jazz-inspired outfits, dimly lit venues and lo-fi looks are 
all on the rise.


Bow Stacking — Millennials and Gen Z will adorn their outfits, shoes, hair and jewelry with this oh-so-delicate detail. Bow large or bow small, 2024 brings bows for all.

Eclectic Grandpa — In 2024, Gen Z and Boomers will embrace grandpacore and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes. Think retro streetwear, chic cardigans and customized clothing.

Food and beverage

Melty Mashup — In 2024, two ooey gooey, treat-yourself favorites will make mouthwatering mashups like “burger quesadillas” and “pizza pot pies.” Gen X and Boomers will feast on this all-new food fusion.

Tropic Like its Hot — In 2024, your favorite foods, home decor trends and fashion finds will get the tropical treatment. Boomers and Gen Z are driving this escapist aesthetic complete with hibiscus prints and tasty mocktails.

Hobbies and Interests

Making a Racket — A little birdie told us that in 2024, Gen Z and Millennials will be smitten with badminton. Searches for everything from “badminton outfit” to “playing badminton aesthetic” will be big in the year ahead.

Knockout Workouts —The ultimate 2024 stress reliever: punching the air. This year, Millennials and Gen Z will go all in on combat sports like karate, kickboxing and jiu jitsu as their daily dose of “me” time.

Aquatecture — This year, Gen X and Millennials will go all in on “small aquarium designs” and over-the-top “turtle terrariums.” Aquatic architecture will be the hot new home trend.


Kitschens — This year, Gen X and Boomers will quirk up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and eye-jarring pops of paint. No minimalist aesthetic is safe.

Western Gothic — Meet Western goth: your soon-to-be decor obsession that’ll mix vintage Americana chic with deep, moody hues. Expect to see Gen Z and Boomers DlY in style with dark fringe and even darker paint.


Inchstones — In 2024, tiny triumphs will make the heart grow fonder as parents sprinkle party vibes on their kids’ not-so-grand moments. Baby’s first tooth? Here’s a cupcake.


Rest Stops —This year, people will plan trips that take it extra slow-and catch up on some precious z’s. Gen Z and Millennials will retreat to laidback locales that offer the opposite of a jam-packed itinerary.

Dirt Flirts — Boomers and Gen X will load up their 4x4s and make for the mountains — or at least look like they are. In 2024, off-roading can be an aesthetic or a lifestyle.


Big Talk — 2024 will be all about forging deeper connections. Gen Z and Millennials will drive this trend, searching for new conversation starters and intimate questions to help couples reconnect.

Catch up on all the fun, quirky new trends and the statistics to back them up on the Pinterest report here. Which one are you most looking forward to or maybe not-so-looking forward to?