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We Rescued Baby Flying Squirrels!

This afternoon my son found the smallest little animal wriggling in the thick pine straw beneath a very tall pine tree in our yard. We gently placed the little creature into a pine straw-filled box and pondered our options.


My little animal lover warned that there may be others and encouraged us to scour the ground. He reminded me that they may be camouflaged and that we needed to step lightly to avoid a bad outcome.

Much to my surprise there were two more animal babies, which we guessed were squirrels. With eyes unopened, the three little creatures were alive, but wouldn’t be for long without an intervention.

I Googled care for newborn or nearly newborn squirrel babies, which involved syringes of Pedialyte among other things. With images of baby squirrel deaths on my evening agenda, I quickly switched gears and called the experts at the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida.

They advised placing the box of babies on a solid surface approximately 2-3 feet in the air near the tree where the babies were found in hopes their mother would return to retrieve them. After an hour of waiting and no sign of any squirrels, I decided to take them to the sanctuary for follow-up care.

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida is a non-profit organization that receives injured or orphaned wildlife, provides medical care and fostering during recovery, and rehabilitates and releases wildlife, if possible.

Upon arrival, I filled out paperwork to provide caretakers with more information on the discovery and they let me know that we rescued flying squirrels – two boys and a girl. For more information on rescuing wildlife or supporting this wonderful organization, visit them at https://www.pensacolawildlife.com/ 

This Saturday, they will have an open house from 12:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at their location at 105 N. “S” Street in Pensacola. Stop by to see the great work they do and hear a word from a Great Horned Owl!

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