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City of Pensacola Launching ParkMobile Parking App Jan. 1

The City of Pensacola has partnered with ParkMobile to launch a new parking app for downtown city-owned parking spaces beginning Monday, Jan. 1.


The decision to partner with ParkMobile LLC, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the United States, was based on results from the city’s recent Downtown Parking Survey. 45 percent of survey respondents said they prefer to use an app to pay for parking, while 18 percent said that their biggest concern when parking downtown is difficulty using available payment methods.

“In Pensacola, a lot of drivers want to pay to park with an app,” Mayor Reeves said. “They also want an app that’s easy to use. That’s the number one goal of our partnership with ParkMobile — to help create a user-friendly downtown parking experience.”

The ParkMobile app has 50 million users across North America — more than 8 million in Florida — and holds the highest user rating for functionality with more than 1.2 million reviews.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 1, ParkMobile will be available for both iPhone and Androiddevices and may also be accessed on a mobile web browser. To pay for parking via the ParkMobile app or website, users will enter the zone number or scan the QR code found on the signs located within the parking zone, choose the duration of time they wish to park and select the “start parking” button.

As the city transitions to ParkMobile, the existing PARKPensacola app will remain active for the foreseeable future to ensure an adequate amount of time for users to transition to the new app.

To learn more about ParkMobile, visit the ParkMobile website.

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